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  1. Keeper
    by The Villain
  2. Archaic Behaviour
    by The Villain
    Damned Milray Damned Milray
    "Qualia : individual instances of subjective, conscious experience"
    The haunting melancholia coupled with drops of joy in Archaic Behavior,the aerial and vanishing riffs in Mirage like you're a cloud wanderer, Wait 'til Tomorrow have those electric complaints fusing with strings, Sakura's ending, dazzling and steady, Oh Sweet Solitude and the spacious echoes and wow I'm gonna need an essay on Damned Milray. I'm geniuely happy the Villain decided some day that you needed to express himself.
  3. Jazz Party
    by Jazz Spastiks
  4. ESC
    by Bugseed
  5. Music Please!
    by Mista Rozz
    Do the sun Dance Do the sun Dance
  6. Solace
    by Aether
    Solace is the best 2014's album I've heard. I can't choose a favorite track : During the releasing month I was looping "Homage", the next month I was living with "Culture Lust", last month I was synchronised with "Ascent", and today I found myself singing "Solace" with a huge smile on my face, down the street.

    I know this album will haunt me for a while again. Aether, thanks, and congratulations!
  7. Adaptation
    by MYK & Shirosky
    5 Percenter 5 Percenter
  8. Moonlight
    by Vanilla
  9. Cloudead Vol.1
    by Mono Massive
    Life is unquantized Life is unquantized
  10. Jazz Sessions LP
    by Stan Forebee
    Forevans Forevans
  11. Origin
    by Vanilla
    Whispering Whispering
  12. Mode 7
    by Jazz Spastiks and Junclassic
    Stunnin' Stunnin'
    What da hell I would be without Jazz Spastiks daily in my ears?
  13. Chillhop Essentials - Spring 2016
    by Chillhop Music
    Castles In My Cup Castles In My Cup
    "Hey, let's gathering the coolest beatmakers and make some crazy stuff" -Chillhop
  14. Mindmaze Instrumentals
    by Jazz Spastiks
    Progression Progression
  15. Modal View [EP]
    by Yuheht
  16. Friends & Family 3
    by Cult Classic Records
    Little Brothers Little Brothers
    To Praverb.
  17. Ethereal Universe Vol 9
    by Ethereal Universe
  18. Ethereal Universe Vol 10
    by Ethereal Universe
    Ascension Ascension
    I listen this album pretending to be Megaman on steroid
  19. nite loopz.
    by aso
  20. One Day
    by Uyama Hiroto