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  1. Jet Set Sonic: The Mashup Album [EP]
    by Nib Roc
  2. Segacity
    by Creative Mind Frame & K-Murdock
    Phantasy Stars [Ft.Last BeNeVoLeNcE, OSuper] Phantasy Stars [Ft.Last BeNeVoLeNcE, OSuper]
    A spiritual successor to Forever Famicom, indeed! Segacity, to me, lives up to the hype. To 1-Up(CMF) and his friends, ya knocked this out of the park.

    Now...this raises an interesting question: Where is this going to go? Hope it continues the FF path and go into "DLC" Albums! would be something nice to see! -Proto
  3. Ages, Vol 2 (Deluxe Edition)
    by Mega Ran
  4. The Randalorian
    by Mega Ran
  5. Adventures of a Commoner
    by Last BeNeVoLeNcE
    I Know (Why I'm Solo) I Know (Why I'm Solo)
    Quite an unusual topic, but one that needs to be explored. BeNeVoLeNcE once again makes an album about US....the EVERYDAY PEOPLE. We need an escape from the daily grind which we call life. This album captures that need greatly.
  6. AGES, Vol 2
    by Mega Ran and DJ DN3
  7. SkyBlew x SublimeCloud - Destined: The Realization
    by SkyBlew
  8. Buster Sword Cypher (Omega Sparx, None Like Joshua, Prowess The Testament, Swats, Nemraps, Cutright, FrivolousShara, Gr3ys0n, Da-Wolf, Ninethie)
    by Mega Ran
  9. Dreamland Invasion
    by GaMetal
  10. IX
    by GaMetal
  11. GaMetal
    by GaMetal
    Prologue (Journey to Silius) Prologue (Journey to Silius)
    And so, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes Jonny "GaMetal" Atma releases his self-titled album (formerly known as "Project One") with a selection of tracks from his first year of being GaMetal which began in 2009. Old favorites get a musical facelift and then some. Happy 10th anniversary, "Jonny Death!"-Proto
  12. VII
    by GaMetal
  13. Mega Ran Japan Tour LP
    by Mega Ran
  14. VIII
    by GaMetal
  15. VI
    by GaMetal
  16. V
    by GaMetal
  17. Belmont 2
    by Mega Beardo
  18. Ledjent of Zelda
    by Mega Beardo
  19. M3TROID
    by Exit Mindbomb
  20. Instrumental Of Devastation
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO