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  1. They Know What Ghost Know
    by Yppah
  2. Worlds Edge - To The Threshold Of Silence
    by Steve Roach
    Drift Drift
  3. To The Threshold of Silence - Remastered 2020
    by Steve Roach
  4. Towards the Blue Peninsula
    by Keith Berry
  5. Ghost
    by phorme
  6. Dead City Hymnal
    by Sunset Graves
  7. KAS:ST - [Unreleased Tracks]
    by Flyance Records
    by Юность-21
  9. Distant Exoplanet
    by Dural
  10. 5510
    by Pub
    As intriguing as it is disorienting. A drone watches me as I'm travelling in a craft through a distant galaxy. These are the sounds of my cryosleep.
  11. Kallionyma
    by Borealis
    Imago VX Imago VX
    Borealis' / Somfay releases sounds that are very much his own. This quality release is more thematic, with similar clear cut and up front synths. Borealis has nothing to hide, giving me quality listenable synths and interesting combinations. Love the chopped up vocal snips too.
  12. Influx
    by Higher Intelligence Agency
  13. quick dreams
    by gacha bakradze
  14. Bottom of the World
    by displacer
  15. Sensaura
    by mon0
    This is the first and only Mon0 I've ever heard. I will listen to many more. There's nothing new about minimal techno with atmospheric flows, but this really hits the mark for me throughout every moment. It has subtle quality throughout it's duration, the mixture of sounds is perfect.... when the hats come in, the texture of the basskick, the resonance of the shifting atmospheres. I have a lot of catching up to do :)
  16. Immersion : three
    by Steve Roach
  17. Parenthetical
    by Innesti
  18. Every Day Feels Like A New Drug
    by Lee Anthony Norris & Porya Hatami
  19. Frozen Passages
    by poemme
  20. Apodeipnon
    by Docetism