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  2. Metal
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  1. Bohemian Skies REMASTERED (2016)
    by Estas Tonne
    The Song of the Golden Dragon The Song of the Golden Dragon
  2. Kelle Surut Soi
    by Havukruunu
    Jo Näkyvi Pohjan Portit Jo Näkyvi Pohjan Portit
  3. King of the Road
    by Speed Queen
    King of the Road King of the Road
    Very cool stuff...
    remember the energy you felt first time you listened to Iron Maiden' self-titled album or Metallica's Kill'em All?
  4. Ulvesang
    by Ulvesang
    The Purge The Purge
  5. With hearts toward none LP 2012
    by Mgła
    With hearts toward none I With hearts toward none I
  6. Seraphical Euphony
    by Hyperion
    Novus Orda Secolorum Novus Orda Secolorum
  7. Hanter Savet
    by Vindland
    Orin Kozh Orin Kozh
  8. Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination
    by Various Artists
    Better Unborn Better Unborn
    Excellent compilation from the impressive Relapse catalog. A must in your bc Metal collection!!
  9. Weightless at Dawn
    by Truthseeker
    Daybreak Daybreak
  10. Of Ash and Dying Light
    by Nachtterror / Altars of Grief
    The Breath of the World, Ablaze The Breath of the World, Ablaze
    This split-EP is a jewel among the already amazingly great Hypnotic Dirge catalogue. Blackened doom at its finest with both bands showing talent and top-notch songwriting.
  11. A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
    by Obsidian Tongue
    Brothers in the Stars Brothers in the Stars
  12. The Hourglass
    by Atten Ash
    City in the Sea City in the Sea
  13. Sørbyen
    by netra
    a dance with the asphalt a dance with the asphalt
  14. Faces of Insanity
    by Epitimia
    Reminiscentia Reminiscentia
  15. Wind
    by Frigoris
    Im Keim ertrunken Im Keim ertrunken
    Killer album!! Furious Black Metal featuring inspired pagan melodies full of melancholy evocating the landscape of the cover.
  16. Lunaric Tide
    by Astral Luminous
    Lunaric Tide Lunaric Tide
  17. Dreading Consciousness
    by netra ft. We'rewolves
    Definition of Love Definition of Love
  18. a break in the day
    by stroszek
    autumnal moon autumnal moon
  19. Hypnotic Dirge 2013/14 | The Wild Haunts Us Still; Decay and Atrophy
    by Hypnotic Dirge Records
    Frühlingsnacht Frühlingsnacht
  20. Silentium!
    by Depicting Abysm / Windbruch / Gmork
    IV IV
  21. Mourner Portraits
    by Silent Path
    Empty Earth Empty Earth
  22. Subarctic Nocturnes: Doomed to Be [Volume I - MMXV]
    by Hypnotic Dirge Records
    The Plague that Haunts the Darkness The Plague that Haunts the Darkness
  23. Through Twilight...
    by Winds of Sorrow
    Silenced Eternally Silenced Eternally
    Experimental ambient black. I'd rather prefer that vocals would had been recorded with a greater presence in the mix, arising above keyboards but still this album offers good moments.
  24. Shanthikarma [Live EP ; 2010]
    by Funeral in Heaven
    Colors of Bhimpalaasri Colors of Bhimpalaasri
  25. Solitude and Suicide
    by Funeral Fornication
    Mother of Peril Mother of Peril
  26. Hypnotic Dirge 2013/14 | The Wild Haunts Us Still; Disillusionment and Indifference
    by Hypnotic Dirge Records
    Ablaze the Wheel Turns Ablaze the Wheel Turns
  27. Hypermnesia
    by Ekove Efrits
    The Matter is Anti-matter The Matter is Anti-matter
  28. Delicate Poison
    by In my Shiver
    Closed View Closed View
  29. Oligarchy
    by Lycanthia
    Time Feeds this Wound Time Feeds this Wound
  30. Subarctic Nocturnes: Within the Ice [Volume II - MMXV]
    by Hypnotic Dirge Records
    Morbid Ritual Morbid Ritual
  31. Equinox
    by Old Forgotten Lands/Ancient Tundra
    Visions of Tomorrow Visions of Tomorrow
    Nice split featuring darkwave ambient music.
  32. The Isolation Splendour
    by Immensity
    Heartfelt Like Dying Heartfelt Like Dying
    High quality melodic Doom that sounds to me like a soft mix of unholy UK trinity (PD, MDB, Anathema). Still harsh vocals are solid enough while clean voice is easily one of the best I've listened recently in the genre: very emotional!.
  33. Mélancolie urbaine
    by netra
    City Lights City Lights
  34. wild years of remorse and failures
    by stroszek
    nighthawks and underdogs nighthawks and underdogs
  35. Lycanthia / Atten Split 7" vinyl
    by Lycanthia / Atten Ash
    The Harbinger The Harbinger
  36. Ghost Light
    by Galaktik Cancer Squad
    Ethanol Nebula Ethanol Nebula
  37. Bardo Relative Reality
    by Odradek Room
    Theatre of Forms Theatre of Forms
  38. Once Hidden From Sight
    by Vin de Mia Trix
    Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
  39. The Idea of North
    by Norilsk
    Japetus Japetus
  40. Alpha
    by Nethermost
    The untroubled kingdom of reason The untroubled kingdom of reason
    Early Katatonia-influenced EP perhaps too repetitive, with main guitar looping most of the time over same melodies. But it can be a good point of entry to improve with wider variations in future releases.
  41. Revenant
    by Orphans of Dusk
    Beneath the Cover of Night Beneath the Cover of Night
    Very cool EP, great cover artwork, nice music & vocals and that kind of Type O Negative vibe floating over the air.
  42. Volume I: Subradiant Architecture
    by Obsidian Tongue
    It Dangles from the Bones It Dangles from the Bones
    Black Metal perfectly crafted and performed with lots of rawness and some interesting features (like those wonderful clean guitars at the beginning of "Distant, Residual"). Dark, powerful and quite original.
  43. The Gathering
    by Galaktik Cancer Squad
    The Gathering The Gathering
  44. Nowhere
    by Ekove Efrits
    Public Theatre Public Theatre
  45. There is no beauty left here...
    by Exiled From Light
    We Writhe as Worms We Writhe as Worms