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  1. the dried up rivers will be the mass graves of tomorrow
    by Douglas Fur
    goddamngoddamngoddamn goddamngoddamngoddamn
  2. Death Has 1000 Ears
    by Death Has 1000 Ears
    Shallow Cut Shallow Cut
  3. Curses and Spells of Protection
    by Douglas Fur
    curses curses
  4. Average Joey Loves His Friends
    by Average Joey
    A Song About Me for My Friends A Song About Me for My Friends
  5. Thoughts of the Night
    by Hannah Mayree
    Nose Bleeds Nose Bleeds
    Hannah Mayree is a beam of light. But not just any light; the kind of ray that finds it's way through the drawn shades and slowly falls across your face, gently awakening you from your mid-day-nap dreams to a sleepy state of total contentedness.
  6. The Tumbling Wheels Play The No Counts
    by The Tumbling Wheels
    Rotten Town Rotten Town
  7. Prayers for the Paths of These Incarnations
    by Ricky Steece
    Formless Formless
    Ricky is an absolute magical human being. The way they process their thoughts, experiences and emotions into sound is consistently mind blowing and inspiring.
  8. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
    Family And Genus Family And Genus
    Shakey Graves is incredible. I say this not just because I find him immensely talented and expressive, but it also seems that he is a gracious artist that adores his fans, the same way that they adore him. He recognizes why they are there and still remains humble about it all. Regardless of his rising status, he stays conscious of the ever vital connection between creator and listener/viewer/reader/admirer/sympathizer, the connection between everything, and that shines through his music.
  9. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
    Unlucky Skin Unlucky Skin