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  2. Alternative
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  1. Wake Me Up
    by Carsick Cars
  2. Yoko
    by Carsick Cars
  3. I Hate Winter, New Year and Red Light Runners
    by Muzzy Mum
  4. Love of Nightmare
    by Birdstriking
  5. Wild Woman (RAK studio version)
    by Rustic
  6. (Midi) Split Tape
    by Mong Tong, 檳榔袋鼠, Without Today, Oendxopen
  7. Waiting Room's Theme & Remix
    by Mong Tong
  8. A History of Brightness
    by Mong Tong
  9. Mountain Pop
    by Mong Tong
  10. Thunder Pop
    by Mong Tong
  11. Music from Taiwan Mystery I
    by Mong Tong
  12. Bildungsroman
    by Hiperson
  13. Jinsui Avenue
    by Muzzy Mum
  14. Man Jiang Hong 满江红
    by SMZB
  15. I Hate Cold Winter, New Year and Red Light Runner
    by Muzzy Mum
  16. Gentle Binding Love 33EMYBW remix
    by Chui Wan
  17. Kodak Dream
    by Bulbul
  18. Disconnection
    by Deadly Cradle Death
  19. Buried
    by Muzzy Mum
  20. Silly's Ballad
    by Xiao He