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    by CAST
    Details: b) Start Again Details: b) Start Again
  2. Inphantasia
    by Eyevory
    La Cage La Cage
  3. Total Absence
    by Fatal Fusion
    Shadow Of The King Shadow Of The King
    by Morrighans
    Mourning Song Mourning Song
  5. Black Butterflies
    by Metus
    I close my eyes I close my eyes
  6. Ghosts (2016 Limited Expanded Editon)
    by Frequency Drift
    Mermaid (2016 Limited Edition Remaster) Mermaid (2016 Limited Edition Remaster)
    This album, originally published in 2011, is a solid neo-prog work with the combination of melodic guitar interweaving with solid keyboards. The female vocals also add a nice touch. What makes this album particularly interesting, is the addition of Nerissa Schwarz's harp, which really adds broadens and enriches the sound of this band.
  7. The Durutti Columns
    by Jean d'Auberlaque
    Universal Love Universal Love
    This album is fun. It's more retro than "neo" anything. It's sound feels 60s, but updated with riffs and gimmicks from bands all the way up to the 90s. There's a kind of subtle humor here: a sort of homage to retro for later bands that were already doing retro. It's that very conscious awareness, which makes this album shine.
  8. Avenoth
    by La Bocca della Verità
    La Deportazione degli Avenothiani La Deportazione degli Avenothiani
  9. Shamblemaths
    by Shamblemaths
    Conglomeration (or: The Grand Pathetic Suite) Conglomeration (or: The Grand Pathetic Suite)
    Prog rock, humor, and strange twisting of the riffs of yesteryear? Now combine this with lyrics that have a sense a humor, and you have the Shamblemaths. Even without the two Ph.D.'s Simen Ellingsen's is a solid composer. Great critiques of old rock idioms for those to hear and yet listenable. I suspect that bassist Eirik Husum is the one who keeps this music close to earth.
  10. String Quartet Live!
    by Kishi Bashi
    This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)
    Okay, his sound tend to the pop and not a clean fit in my collection! So what! I just think he creates a great sound with string quartet, which creates a great melodic and rhythmic interplay. Then, the timbre of Mike Savino's banjo is great too. Finally, the Kishi Bashi's lyrics are both smart and phonically sensitive. Pop music that sounds smart- you can't beat it!
    by brieg guerveno
    En Desped En Desped
    A solid neo-prog rock work. The use of Breton adds a bit of interesting poetic interest to the sound.
  12. Discontinuance
    by Ghost Medicine (GA)
    Desert Spring Desert Spring
    Fine American neo-prog, but it's the gentle touches of American Southern Music throughout gives it interesting nuances. Good sound and good musicianship!
  13. No More Time
    by Darrel Treece-Birch
    No More Time No More Time
    Darrel Treece-Birch's keyboards tend to play a powerful role in the bands he is in. In a sense it reminds me of the work of Geoff Downes throughout Asia. The keyboard guides a lot the melody and musicianship without dominating the other musicians. Unlike Downes, Treece-Birch is not afraid of the prog-rock epic.

    This album i Treece-Birch's ability use the keyboard to play with a variety of lyrical, introspective moods, but it remains firmly in prog rock territory.
  14. Drifting
    Dark Corners Dark Corners
  15. Stainless
    Kaballah Kaballah
  16. Archive
    by Matt Stevens
    Burning Bandstands Burning Bandstands
    The guitar work that Matt Stevens is capable of is truly artistic. His use of loops is creative too. He is able to create one of those "guitar quartet" sounds single-handedly.
  17. The Imprisoned Words of Fear
    by Verbal Delirium
    Images from a Grey World Images from a Grey World
  18. Zhongyu
    by Zhongyu
    Hydraulic Fracas Hydraulic Fracas
    This album is a syncretic stew. The focus of the album is on the interacting timbres. For the most part, the role of melody in this music takes a back seat to the harmonic and timbral tensions that arise from stirring together jazz-style drumming, China-influenced instrumentation, solid electric guitar. and spicing it with a wide variety of instrumental timbres that are kind of like a five-spice flavor of sound.
  19. Human Factor "Homo Universum"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    Beyond the Event Horizon Beyond the Event Horizon
  20. Vespero "Lique Mekwas"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    The Course of Abagaz The Course of Abagaz
  21. Ciolkowska "Pistolet Budushchego"
    by R.A.I.G. Records
    Belka i Strelka Belka i Strelka
    A band with lead ukulele? It really does work. Alesya Izlesa's rhythmic plucked sound is an (oxymoronically) varying ostinato that stabilizes Yegor Svysokikhgor's more free-form effects-focused guitar. There's something vaguely reminiscent of the improvisation of King Crimson's "Red" era here. No matter what, the band takes you into orbit like spacedogs Belka and Strelka, and brings you back again. It's a hypnotic album and I keep coming back to it again and again!
  22. Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep
    by Spock's Beard
    Hiding Out Hiding Out
  23. R€volu$ion
    by Nemo
    Loin des yeux (Barbares parties XIII à XII) Loin des yeux (Barbares parties XIII à XII)
    Nemo is a band that can survive and thrive on multiple replays. Nemo's neo prog rock sound that maintains a solid balance between lead guitar, keyboard, varied timbre effects in a symphonic format. And though I don't understand more than random bits of the French,the vocals are strong and the beauty of language only adds to the music. I don't think there is a weak song on the album.
  24. Metamorphosis
    by Axon-Neuron
    Euclid Euclid
  25. English Electric: Full Power
    by Big Big Train
    The First Rebreather The First Rebreather
  26. Folklore
    by Big Big Train
    Folklore Folklore
  27. From Stone and Steel
    by Big Big Train
    The First Rebreather The First Rebreather
  28. Wassail EP
    by Big Big Train
    Wassail Wassail
  29. Nightfall
    by chords of orion
    Fading into the West Fading into the West
  30. Leaves
    by Nine Stones Close
    Complicated Complicated
  31. insight (single tracks edition)
    by Elleven
    last signs last signs
    Though their next album, Transfiction is a bit stronger, this album is clean relatively simple neo-prog . What makes it interesting is Julia Graf's vocals. They're not virtuoso but she conveys a sense of emotional sincerity.
  32. Mythalogue
    by The Red Masque
    The Minotaur The Minotaur
  33. In Vaults
    by District 97
    Snow Country Snow Country
    What makes this band so interesting is they have a a sound that catches that tense musicianship of the post-Crimson band, UK. Like UK, District's 97 talented musicians play off each other with a style edging on jazz. But Leslie Hunt's mastery of her voice- clean, controlled and clear- allows the band to explore a wider sonic, jazz-like territory than UK ever could. Yet, band is tight enough to not walk off the map: their sound remains solid, well-controlled rock.
  34. The Ghosts of Pripyat
    by Steve Rothery
    Morpheus Morpheus
  35. The Relativity Of Space And Time
    by Zhaoze
    Luo Mu + The Youngster Fishing For The Stars (live) Luo Mu + The Youngster Fishing For The Stars (live)
    The sound of the Electric Guqin with rock band support great sound. Oddly, there is a nostalgia in their sound too. It reminds me of Brian Eno's work around the time of "Another Green World".