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  1. Damning With Faint Praise
    by Yowie
    Slowly But Surly Slowly But Surly
  2. Synchromysticism
    by Yowie
    Ineffable Dolphin Communion Ineffable Dolphin Communion
  3. X
    by Schnellertollermeier
    X X
  4. 在 zoi
    by tfvsjs
    Burn all flags, Burn all flags,
  5. T O G O B A N
    by Quadrupède
    How do you create tension? Put a fuzzed-out riff through a downward whammy and then play polymeters over it. Brilliant innovations all over this record.

    Also they drew me a picture of themselves as 'thumb man' when I ordered their CD (look it up).

    Oh also, whenever I listen to this I'm reminded of the soundtracks to beautiful modern French indie coming-of-age films like Naissance des Pieuvres.
  6. A Very Special Space Blood Christmas Message
    by Space Blood
  7. Milk Time for Spiders
    by Iran Iran
    Olivia Newton John Belushi Olivia Newton John Belushi
    Kings of the sickeningly pleasing textured note-clash. Very dancy, for those who like to dance weirdly. Impossible to pick a favourite.
  8. Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Boris Bike Briefcase Man Boris Bike Briefcase Man
    Every time I see them live I get to shout 'Boris Bike Briefcase Man!' and visualise that absurd guy while flipping out to the decreasing numerators at the end.