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Sam Obermeyer

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  1. Ripe & Majestic (Instrumental Rarities & Unreleased Beats)
    by TOBACCO
    Slaughtered by the Amway Guy Slaughtered by the Amway Guy
  2. Headhunters
    by Glowbug
    I Need a Lover I Need a Lover
    Glowbug is the perfect soundtrack to play as you're driving around at night, in the rain, getting all angsty and emotional. Perfect.
  3. Post Plague
    by Odonis Odonis
    Needs Needs
  4. wwwindswept
    by Sunset Hearts
    I'll Play It Wrong I'll Play It Wrong
  6. What in the Rad/Bad Fuckin Times
    by Rad Cult
    Bad Fuckin Times Bad Fuckin Times
    Oh my, a Freescha/BMSR split? What more is a man like me to want?
  7. Sweatbox Dynasty
    by TOBACCO
    Gods in Heat Gods in Heat
    What can I say about Sweatbox Dynasty? Well, let me see, underwritten, gimmicky, and destined for the bargain bin.

    I love it. If you don't, maybe you'd prefer a shiny, pristine pop album instead. Buddy, you aren't looking in the right place.
  8. SeeFu Lilac
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
    DVD Sweetener DVD Sweetener
    Sexy, synthy, and sometimes sentimental sounds from BMSR. Despite it being outtakes, SeeFu Lilac includes some of my favorite BMSR songs to date.

    It's short enough to be easily enjoyed in a single sitting, but that's one thing I like about it. SeeFu Lilac is one I can come back to again and again, knowing I'll be entertained the whole way through. That's not something I can say about many albums I listen to.
  9. Babies In Your Body
    by Freescha
    Heartbreak Attack Heartbreak Attack
    Just discovered Freescha a couple days ago, and while their more ambient stuff is awesome, don't get me wrong, this... it just oozes quality. This is the kind of music that gets me moving!

    Girl, why you fuckin' with my mind...
  10. Cobra Juicy
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
    Hairspray Heart Hairspray Heart
    BMSR just gets better and better with every release. I love going through their (or in this case, his) albums and listening to them evolve. I still wonder, though, how they're gonna top this one.

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