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  1. The Time Has Come And Gone
    by Lycia
  2. In Flickers
    by Lycia
  3. A Day In The Stark Corner
    by LYCIA
  4. Metanoia
    by The Moon And The Nightspirit
  5. Music from Neptune Flux
    by Chris Zabriskie
    This album is coma inducing... in a good way
  6. Acoustic Tales
    by Field Rotation
  7. Fatalist: The Repetition of History
    by Field Rotation
  8. Burn:Cycle - Original Game Soundtrack (Remastered)
    by Simon Boswell & Chris Whitten
    I never got very far in the game way back when, but I listened to this album countless times. So good! So much nostalgia
  9. Corrupted Memories EP
    by Injustrial
    One Second Ghost One Second Ghost
    I mean, I kind of had to buy this for obvious reasons, right? I see Brian bought this as well. The circle is complete.
  10. Do
    by Psychostick
  11. Ghostbusters Lo-Fi Edit Piece
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  12. Pumpkin Spice Illuminatte
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  13. A More Blessed Perfection
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  14. Want, For Nothing
    by Danger Grove
  15. The Rap Hundreds, season 3
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  16. Remixes
    by Danger Grove
  17. Slept Through a Landslide (Tired Angels remix)
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  18. "The ImF Ride" b/w "Even Exist (As In, 'We Don't...')"
    by Imaginary Friends (Jesse Dangerously, Thesis Sahib, and MC Frank Deluxe)
  19. How To Express Your Dissenting Political Viewpoint Through Origami
    by rap legend Jesse Dangerously
  20. Want, For Want, of Wanting EP (digital deluxe edition)
    by Danger Grove