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Omer Joshua

  1. Bat Yam, Israel
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  1. ליקוטים
    by ברי סחרוף
    נשקיני נשקיני
  2. Dead Language
    by Mujahideen
    Stillness Stillness
    A friend recommended me to listen to this band. I liked the provocative name (which reminds me Joy Division's case), but their music is just great.
  3. Mujahideen
    by Mujahideen
    Crows Crows
  4. Nerd Rants: Series 1
    by A Dose of Buckley
    This guy is funny, and actually is right in some points.
    Support him by paying these 2.5 Canadian Dollars. It's cheap, and it does worth it.