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  1. Juan Pablo: The Philosopher
    by Ezra Collective
  2. Liminal Space
  3. Essence/Universe
    by Laraaji
  4. Opening the Door
    by Jack J
  5. Boy
    by Harvey Sutherland
  6. for you who are the wronged
    by kathryn joseph
  7. Memory Alpha
    by ProtoU
  8. The Liquified Throne of Simplicity
    by Širom
  9. Through the Nightfall Grandeur
    by Dahlia's Tear
  10. Across the Shifting Abyss
    by Dahlia's Tear
  11. Descendants of the Moon
    by Dahlia's Tear
  12. Adrift on the Edge of Infinity
    by Dahlia's Tear
  13. Sun Cast
    by Milieu & Coppice Halifax
  14. I’ll Think About It / I Could’ve Loved You
    by Martha Scanlan & Jon Neufeld
  15. A Place We Cannot Go
    by An Isolated Mind
  16. Emotions and Math
    by Margaret Glaspy
    You And I You And I
  17. Outlaster
    by Nina Nastasia
  18. You Follow Me
    by Nina Nastasia & Jim White
  19. On Leaving
    by Nina Nastasia
  20. Warm Chris
    by Aldous Harding