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  1. Polypsilon [Polytone Dual-Disk Edition]
    by Milieu
  2. Auf / On
    by Milieu
  3. Understanding Holy Ghosts
    by Moss Garden
  4. Latem
    by Wiktor Stribog
  5. Neō Wax Bloom
    by Iglooghost
  6. North from Nowhere
  7. Vaporwave Is Dead
    by Sandtimer
  8. Cloud Dreaming And Shadows
    by halftribe
  9. Fucked Up Friends 3
    by TOBACCO
  10. Thalline Dress
    by Milieu
  11. Jettison Mind Hatch
    by Tipper
  12. Fanfic Telepresence
    by Sculpture
  13. Narcotic Months
    by Coppice Halifax
    Now those are some fine vapors. Cool and moist professional facilities with hints of static in the air.
  14. Winter Arch
    by Coppice Halifax
    Something that both body and spirit can sprint to. The deeper into the music I go the more I feel like I'm stepping on air!
  15. Terminus
    by James Ferraro
  16. Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods EP
    by Black Moth Super Rainbow
  17. Ultrasonic
    by Field Works
  18. Garlind
    by Milieu
  19. Kids Fill The Floor - Remastered Extended Edition
  20. Etrusca 3D
    by Etrusca 3D