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  1. Endure to the End
    by Spirit Guardian
  2. Saturn Theme
    by Spirit Guardian
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  3. Seasick
    by Spirit Guardian
  4. Invocation Codex (Lovecraftian Death Metal)
    by BIZARRE (Spain)
  5. Tower Peeler (2021)
    by WOORMS
  6. At the Maw of Ruin
    by Green Druid
    The Forest Dark The Forest Dark
    Arguably rivaled by what has come before it, Green Druid has produced one of the heaviest and most unexpectedly beautiful records I have heard. Love it. Hard to pick a favorite track but if the first one doesn't suck you in then you're better off elsewhere.
  7. Creeping Serpent
    by Sacred Bull
  8. Ragged Mountain
    by Sacred Bull
  9. Sundown Radio
    by Deaf Condors
  10. The Garden State Suite
    by Joe Kenyon IV
  11. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
  12. Void
    by Luna's Call
    Locus Locus
    A colossal record from an underappreciated band. I must compare them to the great Opeth for the best of reasons, but their similarities diverge in great ways. A truly inspiring and experimental journey from start to finish, the songs are each possessing of their own unique elements. Nothing feels overwrought or unearned here, even in the longer tracks. There's always a reason for the movements and that's what keeps it fresh with every listen. Love it. A once and future favorite.
  13. Pet Songs
    by Shehehe
    Your Hands Your Hands
    Boisterous and joyfully intense. Pet Songs displays the ever maturing, infrequently resting warrior spirit that is Shehehe. The entire album is a raging fist shake, pummeling the listener with chunky guitar tones, energetic rhythms, and enviable 3-part vocal harmonies that anchor it in a lovingly gritty realism. Fuck yeah. Get it.
  14. Inlet
    by Hum
    Shapeshifter Shapeshifter
    This record is magical and everything I needed in a release. Hum has that unparalleled quality of balancing heaviness with ethereal beauty and this record shows they never lost the touch. The tracks draw you into their own little worlds, while the whole of the album seems to be thematically tied either by lyrical elements or the tonal chemistry found from song to song. Don’t miss this one, it’s something truly special. The closing track destroys me every time I hear it.
  15. The Firestorm
    by Incendiaries
  16. Global Gluttony
    by Dylan Joel Smith
  17. Masterful Miscellaneous
    by Dylan Joel Smith
  18. After Rock (Single)
    by Dylan Joel Smith
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  19. Dreaming Whilst Unhinged (EP)
    by Dylan Joel Smith
  20. Reminisce
    by Dylan Joel Smith
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