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  1. Some Heavy Ocean
    by Emma Ruth Rundle
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    Haunted Houses Haunted Houses
    I listened to this album on the Bandcamp website so many times that it told me to quit freeloading.
    by VAS
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  3. Catonsville 9 (Thomas and Marjorie)
    by The Chairman Dances
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    "activists in love" gets me every time
  4. Sister
    by Angel Olsen
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  5. elsie
    by Fox Academy
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    choking on flowers choking on flowers
    Imagine a stage with a 1940s- or 50's-era aesthetic, set with only the instrumentalists and backup singers for some major male music star. The star doesn't seem to be on stage, but the musicians start the show anyway, coordinated swaying and all. About eight measures into the music, you notice that the soloist is actually present, hidden among the backup singers, joining in the swaying and drawing no attention to himself; just crooning softly, participating.
    by Abi Reimold
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    arranged arranged
    Abi's voice is so honest and open. She projects a sincerity that I often feel female singers aren't allowed to show. At the same time, she has truly impressive vocal power and range, making it obvious that her wildness is fully within her artistic control: an adjective like "unpolished" would be totally inappropriate. I truly love this album. It's powerful and openhearted and female and true.
  7. VAS
    by VAS
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    Vipers Vipers
    "it is no wonder
    why baltimore’s burning
    like a song that’s been sung for so long
    and we finally get the words"

    richly harmonic, socially-conscious atmospheric pop. custom-made for me and you~~
  8. Racing Glaciers - EP
    by Racing Glaciers
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    Morning Morning
    This EP has the lushness of sound that makes me love Racing Glaciers, and "Morning" has the soaring melodic catchiness that "Ahead of You Forever" and "Caught in the Strange" bring to the fore. Bright open hopeful clear deep sounds like their whole oeuvre.
  9. Supermoon
    by S. Carey
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    Neverending Fountain (Alt. Version) Neverending Fountain (Alt. Version)
    I love browsing everynoise. It organizes bands in genre clouds, with left being more "atmospheric" (vs bouncy/rhythmic to the right) and down being more "organic" (vs electrical/highly-produced toward the top). And down in the lower-left corner was S. Carey, in like 4 different genre clouds, with no other close neighbors. Turns out "organic and atmospheric" is pretty accurate for the most calming artist I've heard yet this year.
  10. Skeptic Goodbye
    by You Won't
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    Three Car Garage Three Car Garage
    It's righteous and hurts a little.
  11. Revolutionaries
    by You Won't
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    1-4-5 1-4-5
    I love all of You Won't's music videos so much that I can't look away from YouTube while I'm listening to the music so the only way to really listen to the music by itself was to buy the album. Totally worth it, little lighter on the nostalgia and anticapitalism than Skeptic Goodbye but a little catchier. "Ya Ya Ya" is the obvious single but not the only fun and great song on the disc! I'm picking the unabashedly simple pop track as my favorite because I'm past calling things "guilty pleasures."