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  1. Heaven Will Be Mine OST
    by Alec Lambert
  2. Sous un Chêne
    by MowMowMow
  3. Basement Songs
    by Ashlynn Barker
    Open World Open World
    It is so good to see a new and amazing album from Ashlynn. Clever lyrics, crisp sound, so down to earth it's in your dreams. It breaks the rules of songwriting in passing, on it's way to deliver a message directly to your heart.
  4. Rebel Kitsune
    by Ashlynn Barker
    Giant Bomb Song Giant Bomb Song
    Every song is so good! Straight to the heart!! Rock On!!!
  5. the lonely door
    by glitched puppet
  6. The Masked Sun - Call-Clout/P OST 1
    by glitched puppet
  7. Ladybugs On My Wall
    by Cosi
    Painting Thunderstorms Painting Thunderstorms
  8. DELTARUNE Chapter 1 OST
    by Toby Fox
  9. Can You Say It With One Word?
    by Sky Flying By
  10. Similis: Emendation
    by Sky Flying By
  11. I'm So Sorry
    by Cats Millionaire
  12. Tangledeep Original Soundtrack
    by zircon
  13. Lunar Depot 38 - OST
    by glitched puppet
    WAVE 1 - paralyzing WAVE 1 - paralyzing
  14. paranoia
    by glitched puppet
    identity theory identity theory
    The album art looks so good!!
  15. We Are Trees
    by The Last Sighs Of The Wind
    by Famitory
    by Famitory
    by Famitory
    4Lung - PUPPY LOVE UNDER A RAINBOW (Famitory Remix) 4Lung - PUPPY LOVE UNDER A RAINBOW (Famitory Remix)
  19. healing
    by In Love With A Ghost
  20. Perfect Girl
    by MowMowMow
    Doggy Swim Summer Doggy Swim Summer
    Doggy Swim Summer is probs one of the most fun songs I've listened in a while. This entire album is the sound I need, happy or sad.