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  1. Трепет
    by Путь (Pathway)
  2. Overtime (Live Band Session)
    by KNOWER
  3. Malefic Throne
  4. The Holy Landfill
    by Putrified J, Domestic Terror
  5. Seeds Of Infamy
    by Putrified J
  6. The Deep End Of Horror
    by Putrified J
  7. Crystalline Exhaustion
    by Krallice
  8. Corpsegrinder
    by Corpsegrinder
  9. Striving Toward Oblivion (Black Metal)
    by VORGA (Germany)
  10. The Wanderer
    by Aeon of Eternal
  11. Awakening
    by Scitalis
  12. Путь - Юдоль скорби | Pathway - The Vale of Sorrow
    by Путь (Pathway)
  13. Песни Смерти
    by Путь (Pathway)
  14. The Oath Is Broken
    by Astral Spectre
  15. Psychotic Overkill
    by Wicked Lady
  16. Creatures Of The Ancient
    by Daeodon
  17. Raining Blood (Slayer Cover)
    by ARSAMES
  18. Tribute To Warriors of Metal
    by ARSAMES
  19. Immortal Identity
    by ARSAMES
  20. مَوْلَى
    by Mulla