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  1. Kerosene
    by Red Vox
  2. summer's day [flips]
    by jinsang
  3. meditation [.ep]
    by jinsang
  4. gratitude.
    by jinsang
  5. kona park.
    by jinsang
  6. solitude.
    by jinsang
  7. Harbor LP
    by tomppabeats
    by Slime Girls
    by Slime Girls
    by Slime Girls
  11. Vacation Wasteland EP
    by Slime Girls
  12. Stardust (2nd Edition)
    by skybox
    æther (Slime Girls Tropicana Slip N Slide Ver.) æther (Slime Girls Tropicana Slip N Slide Ver.)
    Being sent to this album by artist Punimelt I knew just by hearing the preview song that I would be hooked. As a big fan of chip tune I cannot recommend this fun little album enough. Skybox has something here that can go very VERY far!!! I know i'll be around for the next album! <3 <3
  13. Live at Grillby's
    by insaneintherainmusic
  14. No Cigar
    by Davy's Grey
    Road To Your Mind Road To Your Mind
    This is one of the first songs I heard and the one that got me hooked on Vine's music. Such a haunting and heavy hitting song. I'm sad to hear that these are some songs Vine is not happy with, because there is some good quality music in this album! I'd love to hear more songs like this on future tracks!!
  15. Get Equipped
    by The Megas
  16. Room to Breathe
    by Vine
    Walking Illusion (Counting Sand) Walking Illusion (Counting Sand)
    A Haunting beat with a haunting message. The feeling of loneliness is a familiar one, and this song is a very heavy hitting song for me. Life is changing every minute, and every minute something new is destined to happen. With or without that one person in your life...
  17. What Could Go Wrong
    by Red Vox
    Ghost Page Ghost Page
    Definitely one of the years greatest albums. Though I was introduced to Vines old music through the No Cigar album last year Ive been eagerly waiting his return to music. With the bits and pieces he had released through the year it kept me occupied with over 200 plays on Hazy alone until this album was released. Never once did I own multiple copies of an album, but this was my first. Great work guys, I cannot wait for more!
  18. Bae
    by YUNG BAE
  19. Space Jam // Neon Bowling
    by Starship Amazing
  20. Odds and Ends
    by Vine