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  1. Demoᴎcore 1
    by KK Null/Balázs Pándi
    Live at Instants Chavirés in Paris on December 6, 2016 Live at Instants Chavirés in Paris on December 6, 2016
    KK Null the master of noise, collaborating with a crazy live breakcore drummer who has worked with Blood of Heroes, Venetian Snares etc.. intense and brutal!! So happy to be able to get a copy on vinyl. KK Null is the world's greatest noise musician and more drums just makes it even better.
  2. SIDES 5-6 (Single and Comic Set)
    by Palace Contribution / Zeni Geva
    Let There Be Rock (Remastered) Let There Be Rock (Remastered)
    ZENI GEVA are the greatest band of all time. Will Oldham isn't bad either. Great covers all round!
  3. Autofuck (Single and Comic Book Set)
    by Zeni Geva
    When I Was On Horseback (remixed & remastered by KK Null) When I Was On Horseback (remixed & remastered by KK Null)
    Rare track, only time digitally released. Amazing cover/folk tune version by the greatest band of all time, ZENI GEVA. Instant buy. Already have two copies of the vinyl..
  4. Godless
    by Screaming Mad Dee
  5. Devouring the Mountains Vol​.​5
    by ARGONAUTA Records
  6. A Cheeky 'Arf - FBRR001
    by Flashback Rave Committee
  7. Galactic Killer Drums Phaze V
    by KK NULL
    Galactic Killer Drums V-05 Galactic Killer Drums V-05
    The most brutal electronic beats I've ever heard. I remember when I asked KK Null, do you know Ryoji Ikeda - Cuts? Never did I imagine one day Null would be slaughtering beats far heavier than that. But I always dreamed about it... well.. here we are!!!!! No one.. NO ONE.. makes noise/beats/sound like this.
  8. Lucky
    by Kanani
    heavy beat
  9. Stereotypes
    by Kanani
    deep vibes
  10. Stuck
    by Kanani
    bone thugs style soul
  11. My Little Rose
    by Kanani
    m o o d
    beautiful melancholic
  12. I Hope You Buy It
    by Kanani
    big smiles
    anthem for all working music artists
  13. Lockdown
    by Kanani
    Blazing tune from an up and coming Melbourne rapper
  14. Sleaze Servant
    Sleaze Servant Sleaze Servant
    Libido Airbag are back bb!! Cybergrind royalty. Do you like Jungle? Do you like Hardcore Gabber? Do you like Goregrind and Extreme Metal? If yes, then this is for you.
    Akari The Timetraveler Akari The Timetraveler
    Cement Tea just keeps bringing the goods, it's hard to keep up
  16. Gum Treatment EP
    by Cement Tea
    Not A Penguin Not A Penguin
    Massive darksteps
  17. Letting Go
    by speak
    Hauntingly beautiful
  18. Yoja
    by Ekcle
  19. Nine / Hunger
    by fexomat
    Fexomat - Hunger Fexomat - Hunger
    Awesome techno/breakcore release
  20. 60 seconds - A piece of Kaoss
    by KK NULL
    Time Fault Time Fault
    I haven't received this yet so not sure, but I don't think it's a looping tape - would be amazing if there was a KK Null loop cassette. Regardless great to see a new KK Null cassette release in 2018. Will be interesting to hear how near 0dB treble at 16-20kHz range will sound on cassette!!