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  1. Nine / Hunger
    by fexomat
    Fexomat - Hunger Fexomat - Hunger
    Awesome techno/breakcore release
  2. 60 seconds - A piece of Kaoss
    by KK NULL
    Time Fault Time Fault
    I haven't received this yet so not sure, but I don't think it's a looping tape - would be amazing if there was a KK Null loop cassette. Regardless great to see a new KK Null cassette release in 2018. Will be interesting to hear how near 0dB treble at 16-20kHz range will sound on cassette!!
  3. Maximum Implosion (CSR260CD)
    by Zeni Geva & Steve Albini
    I Want You I Want You
    Choosing a favourite track is almost impossible - they are all amazing tracks. Zeni Geva are for me, the greatest band on the planet.
  4. Villains EP
    by Tactical Aspect
    Tactical Aspect are some of the best contemporary jungle producers out there. Darkness and mentasms = love
  5. Fantasy Mansion
    by Captain Credible
    Crystal math Crystal math
    The limited 200 edition PCB is an amazing purchase in all aspects: concept, execution, album release and hardware product combined in one. Insta-purchase.
  6. 1999 DAT #2
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  7. Windchimes
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  8. Liver Sadness 7/12/98 Blitter Hrv
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  9. Last 98 DAT!
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  10. Soundz 7/97 (4)
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  11. New 10/97 (2)
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  12. rsp-00
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  13. El-Ron Br / New Techno (3)
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  14. 2002 Mixes
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  15. Harvard Concert 11/02
    by Keith Fullerton Whitman
  16. Rex Rocket Original Soundtrack
    by Saskrotch
  17. 8static Fest // 2016
    by Saskrotch
  18. The Rise and Fall of...
    by Satsui No Hadou
  19. For Everlasting Peace
    by Saskrotch
    Adopt a 'Skrotch exclusive
  21. Exploding Heart Disease
    by Saskrotch
  22. s/t
    by Winter Camp
  23. In Da Club
    by Saskrotch
  24. A Nation of Wind Original Soundtrack
    by Saskrotch
  25. Nullstar OST
    by Saskrotch
  26. Not Quite Red OST
    by Saskrotch
  27. Mama Didn't Raise No Fuck Boy
    Adopt a 'Skrotch exclusive
  28. Synthamesk - Zero
    by Synthamesk
    Karambit Karambit
    Darkstep love
  29. Murderous beak
    by Lastboss
    The last Lastboss breakcore track to date - sick as
  30. Held Together With Tape
    by C3B
    Excellent jungle breakcore
  31. Strictly Downers
    by C3B
    Firmin's Reprise Firmin's Reprise
    Excellent jungle breakcore
  32. Rez - Jah Strength EP
    by YESKA Beatz Unltd
    Jah Strength Jah Strength
    Sick jungle
  33. Smoking Soundwaves
    by ChAoS SpY
    Anthony Weiner's Laptop Anthony Weiner's Laptop
  34. Ruff Tactics - Ice Cream (Mix 3)
    by Tactical Aspect
    Sad to hear original release had such label issues :(
  35. Deficit
    by Suicide
  36. Compulsion
    by Ragnarok & Nu-Phase
    Nice crossbreed
  37. Throttler - End Of Message EP{MOCRCYD051}
    by Mindocracy Recordings
    End Of Message End Of Message
    Intense as usual, Throttler will "never crossover" - darkstep badman
  38. Surya - Evil EP{MOCRCYD018}
    by Mindocracy Recordings
    Surya - Evil Surya - Evil
    Surya is sick as
  39. 'Missing Fragments EP Pt.I (The Second Fragment)' (2015)
    by Sustayne
  40. Sector - 0 EP (out now on Agatone Music)
    by Sustayne
  41. Agatone Music 2015 Compilation
    by Various Artists
  42. Chaotic Design - (2013, Agatone Music 2014)
    by Sustayne
  43. Missing Fragments EP Pt.II (The Final Particles) (2015)
    by Sustayne
  44. Liberland
    by Sustayne