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  1. Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers
    by Wu Tang vs The Beatles
    Criminology Criminology
  2. Mystery Chambers Instrumentals
    by Tom Caruana
    Criminology (Instrumental) Criminology (Instrumental)
  3. Astrologaster
    by Andrea Boccadoro
    Mary Payne Mary Payne
    Wit, grace and style presented in wonderful four-part vocal work. Exceptional game and soundtrack to boot. No qualms about buying this.
  4. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
    Awake Awake
    Impeccable soundtrack to a wonderful game. GOTY 2018 and it's in no small part due to this soundtrack. Excellent work.
  5. Celeste B-Sides
    by Various Artists
    Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix) Mirror Temple (Mirror Magic Mix)
    What a joy to listen to while dying seven hundred times on a single jump.
  6. Heaven Variant - Soundtrack
    by Jason Koohi
    Through Buildings and Flame Through Buildings and Flame
    This radical 80s power metal keeps me awake and raring to go whether it's work or playtime. Incredible.
  7. Hyper Light Drifter
    by Disasterpeace
  8. Gunpoint - The Soundtrack
    by Ryan Ike, Francisco Cerda, and John Robert Matz
    'Round Gunpoint 'Round Gunpoint
  9. [Sheet Music] "SHIA LABEOUF" LIVE - Full Score
    by Rob Cantor
  10. "SHIA LABEOUF" LIVE - Multitrack Recording
    by Rob Cantor