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Nick Brown

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  1. just (after song of songs)
    by David Lang
  2. Two2
    by John Cage
  3. four4
    by John Cage
  4. Number Pieces
    by John Cage
  5. The Garden of Earthly Delights
    by Trevor Wishart
  6. Dirt Road
    by Linda Catlin Smith
  7. The Croppy Boy
    by Cornelius Cardew
  8. Meadow
    by Linda Catlin Smith
  9. Ballad
    by Linda Catlin Smith
  10. The Westbrook Blake - Bright As Fire
    by Mike Westbrook
    Let The Slave - The Price of Experience Let The Slave - The Price of Experience
    How could you not love this work? Brilliant, passionate, entirely topical - I never tire of it and “the Price of Experience” never fails to move me to tears.
  11. Morton Feldman Piano box set
    by Morton Feldman, played by Philip Thomas
  12. 'Quatuor pour la fin du temps' & 'Among the Tarnished Stars'
    by Oliver Messiaen, Linda Catlin Smith
  13. Relax, reduce pain, improve your body position sense
    by Cindy Allison
  14. Muddy Ditch
    by Sebastian Lexer & Steve Noble
  15. Prediction and Warning
    by Ikue Mori & Steve Noble
  16. Tangle
    by John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, Matthew Shipp
  17. White Cable, Black Wires
    by John Edwards & Okkyung Lee
  18. Al-Khwarizmi Variations
    by Pat Thomas
  19. A field perpetually at the edge of disorder
    by John Edwards, Mark Sanders, John Tilbury
  20. The last train
    by Roger Turner & Otomo Yoshihide