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  1. nothing special, nothing wonderful
    by haircuts for men
    by Adolf Nomura
    02. 00. ~OUT ON THE STREET~ 02. 00. ~OUT ON THE STREET~
    I can't stop being utterly blown away by this entire album. Everything track new yet inherently familiar thanks to the fact that they each just gush the very best of the early Playstation atmosphere in a way that feels like so much more than just a rehashing of old sounds. Further astonishing to me is the fact that this artist does music on the side to being an amazing Youtuber and in my opinion an even better graphic designer. This guy deserves so much more recognition than he has.
  3. Machine Learning Experiments (Original Soundtrack)
    by Augustus Muller
  4. 私は家を取りました
    by haircuts for men
  5. Solo Works Discography 1982~2016
    by haircuts for men
  6. 下からの光を食べます
    by haircuts for men
  7. когда зло господствует
    by haircuts for men
  8. 必要
    by haircuts for men
  9. you can trust me ep
    by haircuts for men
  10. 逃してしまった関係 ep
    by haircuts for men
    by haircuts for men
  12. 010429 v1
    by haircuts for men
  13. テンペスト地域 (COLLECTED EDITION)
    by haircuts for men
  14. Love
    by Kuroi Ame
  15. Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack)
    by Bill Kiley, LudoWic
  16. Mannequin Challenge
  17. Interface OST Vol. I
  18. Country Girl Uncut
    by Boy Harsher
    Swing Swing
  19. suɐǝq
    by ohnoman
    This album took me on a nice date, ate my ass, stole my wallet and gave me bone cancer
  20. Aloe Island Anthology
    by Aloe Island Posse
    Oceanfront Oceanfront
    Pure upbeat, groovy energy
    Prescribed to any who suffer from lethargy, apathy, or any other lack of energy. Take at least once a day, optimally played loud through large speakers (Japanese if possible) with ample space in the room to dance your heart out. Effects should be instantaneous.

    Side effects include: subsequent dissatisfaction with all of your other futurefunk records.