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  1. Bugs in a Jar
    by Morgan Powers
  2. Better Days
    by drumcorps
  3. メランコリア / What is going on 'round you?
    by charlot
    What is going on 'round you? What is going on 'round you?
    Sleepy melancholy Bossa-Nova and polyrhythm paintings; waves of gentle Pop-fueled Jazz.

    'What is going on 'round you' is a wonderful question for the Xmas period - it offers a very gentle gliding catchy funbop that makes for audio-pleasantry unto the ears for other producers, especially.


    - Felix.
  4. Softer LP
    by Sin Kitty
    A drunken Summer haze of pleasant buzzing waves of noise to make you remember life is okay some of the time and let you wind down and unscrew your head.

    A fuzzball of fuzzfiesta thighgaze.

    Helped me glide through many a dreamily-felt issue of a day.

    - F.
  5. Babel
    by charlot

    Babel is very stereotypically charlot, and captures some of his older work's 'looseness' whilst embodying a clean and tight production that became heavily refined within his later work. Babel feels like a very clear yet emotional car journey with somebody important. You never forget that journey, no matter what.

    Personally, charlot (Naoki Kono) is one of the few artists I follow religiously, and every release is an incredible experience as both a fan and a musician!

    - Felix.
  6. Float Primes
    by Asserter
  7. O Ruthless Great Divine Director
    E N D L E S S R U I N .
    Tbh, fucking empowering.
  8. Bedroom Blue
    by Wilder
    Carries a lot of emotionality for me, the dinging is pretty, too.
    E N D L E S S R U I N .
  10. The Daughter of Fortitude
    by Robert Furtkamp
    Depicting of people in my past that held me within their cages, embodying both a fondness and an aggression that belies its complexity to those wouldn't attempt to understand.

    If one makes effort to understand the beauty of this song, its grandiosity becomes apparent.

    I went past word limit, so I cut out most of what I wrote as to why I love this track, oh well.
  11. lost songs ii.
    by watergh0st
    dark dogs dark dogs
    Captures something I'd always struggle to.

    Black dogs follow me a lot, this helped me move from harsh noise to a nice inbetween of ambient.
  12. learning to be alone
    by watergh0st
  13. instrumentals vol ii
    by watergh0st
  14. instrmntls vol. i
    by watergh0st
  15. lost songs i.
    by watergh0st
  16. play again?
    by watergh0st
  17. what i've been working on
    by watergh0st
  18. compilation
    by watergh0st
  19. walk around the room // what of it?
    by watergh0st
  20. tests
    by watergh0st