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  1. 台灣謎景 Music from Taiwan Mystery
    by Mong Tong 夢東
  2. Transmission Control: Music from Subserial Network
    by Esselfortium
    by Topaz Gang
  4. WLFGRL vinyl
    by Machine Girl
  5. S/T
    by Echthros
  6. Your Eyes Are An Ocean, My Love Is A Spring
    by KAGAMI Smile
  7. Immanent Wound
    by Beton Tåge
  8. CLG J02182–05102
    by Mesarthim
    by NEONACH
  10. Away, Into The Moonclad Skies
    by Astral
  11. Skitzofrenia Simulation
    by Sewerslvt
  12. Sistere
    by IZAH
  13. Lustful Sacraments
  14. Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth
    by Body Void
  15. Mind Killer
    by Blanck Mass
  16. G.A.S. Get A Star
    by Undo K From Hot
  17. Replica
    by Oneohtrix Point Never
  18. Love In The Time Of Lexapro
    by Oneohtrix Point Never
  19. Soft Channel
    by Giant Claw
  20. Mirror Guide
    by Giant Claw