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William Borgschatz

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  1. Masters of the Universe
    by Binary Star
  2. Gravity Works
    by Vinnum Sabbathi
  3. Brunt
    by Brunt
    Raw Goat Raw Goat
  4. I am the high fucking priestess
    by UMA
    Cosmic Pussy Cosmic Pussy
  6. Indigo Plateau
    by Psychic Type
  7. Pocket Monsters
    by Psychic Type
  8. Victory Road
    by Psychic Type
  9. Mt. Goon
    by Psychic Type
  10. This Too Won't Pass
    by Can't Swim
    Hell In A Handbasket Hell In A Handbasket
  11. Fail You Again
    by Can't Swim
  12. Death Deserves A Name
    by Can't Swim
  13. Leaving Room
    by Electric Octopus
  14. This Is Our Culture
    by Electric Octopus
    Disenchanted Creative Response Disenchanted Creative Response
    This album is great for everything. From a morning smoke to driving around doing errands. Beautiful work and I highly recommend it.
  15. Elbrus
    by Elbrus
    Tall Shadow Tall Shadow
  16. 153 lliures i 17 salaris
    by UDOL
  17. Bantha Rider
    by Bantha Rider
  18. Desolation
    by Khemmis
  19. Nachthexen
    by Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
  20. Hydrophobia
    by Somali Yacht Club
  21. Machete Vision
    by Marq Spekt & Kno
  22. The WinterFire EP
    by The Grouch x Eligh x CunninLynguists
    100 Years 100 Years
  23. Niggaz With Latitude (NWL)
    by Deacon the Villain & Sheisty Khrist
  24. A Piece Of Strange
    by CunninLynguists
    Never Know Why f. Immortal Technique Never Know Why f. Immortal Technique
  25. Southernunderground
    by CunninLynguists
  26. Dirty Acres
    by CunninLynguists
  27. Peace or Power
    by Deacon The Villain
  28. Will Rap For Food
    by CunninLynguists
  29. Oneirology
    by CunninLynguists
  30. Death Is Silent
    by Kno
  31. Rose Azura Njano
    by CunninLynguists
  32. Strange Journey Volume Three
    by CunninLynguists
  33. To Dust
    by Built To Fade
  34. Strange Journey Volume One
    by CunninLynguists
  35. Strange Journey Volume Two
    by CunninLynguists
  36. Still Motion
    by Natti
  37. Blackbeard
    by Brunt
  38. II
    by Naxatras
  39. The White
    by The White Swan
  40. Mages of Mystralia - The Original Soundtrack
    by Antoine Vachon
    Mystral Woods Mystral Woods
    Such a beautiful Soundtrack. I'm so glad I backed it!
  41. Fraught With Peril
    by Khemmis/Spirit Adrift
  42. Broken Open
    by The Human Experience
    The Police - Walking on the Moon (The Human Experience cover feat. Bee Born + The Grouch) The Police - Walking on the Moon (The Human Experience cover feat. Bee Born + The Grouch)
  43. Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack)
    by Kenji Kawai
  44. Hero of Time (Music from "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time")
    by Eric Buchholz
  45. EP
    by Mystery Skulls