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  1. Names
    by Chance McDaniel
    i made you something to keep i made you something to keep
    Chance once again does not disappoint, creating sounds tasteful to the ears. Definitely a very nice album to relax too... pretty sure it lowered my blood pressure.
  2. Omoiyari
    by Kishi Bashi
  3. Constants
    by Message To Bears
  4. Implied Light
    by Chance McDaniel
  5. The Rainy Season
    by Chance McDaniel
    depth depth
    This is the kind of album you can listen to over and over again without ever getting tired of the music. It's incredibly soothing and emotional; you feel as though the music is connecting to your very soul... It transcends music. I love how smooth the transitions are, and how the pieces connect to each other while also standing strong independently. I know I'll be enjoying this album for a long time. It was very difficult to pick a favorite track because they're all so good!
  6. Charcoal (2014 Special Edition)
    by Brambles
    Arête Arête
    This music feels like the culmination of a part of my soul and mind that I had issues even knowing how to express. It brings light into darkness.
  7. EP1
    by Message To Bears
  8. Carved From Tides
    by Message To Bears
  9. Folding Leaves
    by Message To Bears
  10. Maps
    by Message To Bears
  11. Departures
    by Message To Bears
    Hidden Beneath Hidden Beneath
    The lively instrumentation, while still making the listener anticipate more... that's what keeps me thirsting for this album. I've enjoyed it while at work, working out, and when just watching nature. It speaks to the depths of my soul.
  12. Moments EP
    by J.R Alexander
  13. Abstract Rabbit
    by abstract rabbit
    thoughtful ship thoughtful ship
    The colors of AbRab truly shine out and come to life! The sound of the count throughout pieces felt like something nostalgic, yet I know it's something I haven't heard before... and it kept me intrigued. Getting to experience their new sounds and explore them, as they've cleverly and melodically crafted them, made this album feel like such a fun adventure. It was so hard to decide a "favorite" again... The talents of these two are incredible as ever.
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  14. holo
    by Seattle
    Telescopes Telescopes
    I'm a bit over two years late with this, but it just goes to show - this album is still great and showcases beautiful skill and artistic expertise in electronic music. Seattle gives rich warmth and depth to electronic sounds, to the point where it's decadent upon the ears. The diverse energies of each piece keep the album exciting, and the sweet, mellow end with Telescopes really ties in all of the feelings. This is on par with Postal Service and Owl City, yet remains unique in identity.
  15. Ties
    by Chance McDaniel
    float float
    There's so much heart and soul in all of these tracks. Figments of memory and feeling woven into each, enabling the listener to relate while discovering something in his or herself. Loving the directions he follows in his music; it's fresh and the world needs more stuff like this.
  16. PASTA
    by abstract rabbit
    retired to FL retired to FL
    Abstract Rabbit once again accomplishes a uniquely pleasant experience with electronic and acoustic sounds, echoing into the mind and soul. It's enjoyable through and through.
  17. Please,,,Excedrin
    by abstract rabbit
    Rabbit Patch exclusive
  18. roi
    by abstract rabbit
  19. Kuala
    by Amnesty Season
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  20. That Weird Annunciation That French Girls Do
    by abstract rabbit
    Rabbit Patch exclusive