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  1. Il Suono di Mille Orchestre-Parte I
    by Shamael
  2. Os Anjos Não Velam Os Mortos
    by VELAR
  3. House of Falling Ash
  4. The Weight Of Remembrance
    by Tribunal
  5. Somnus
    by Splendidula
  6. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith
    Very strong mix of post-doom and prog Metal, no style yielding too much ground to the other. The mix is a personal and complex slab of neo-pagan Metal that favours whimsical, dreamy meanderings yet densified by some cleverly used heavy riffing. The positive vibes that I get from this album soothe my nerves..
  7. Voices From A Fathomless Realm
    by Cavernous Gate
  8. Skin & Sorrow
    by Frayle
  9. Mother Bear, Father Toad
    by URSA
    by Sleestak
  11. Deep Ecology
    by Undignified Cave
  12. Doctrine Of Dust
    by Omegashift
  13. Seven Years of Famine
    by Order of Isaz
  14. The Drought
    by Puce Mary
    Tense ambient soundscapes boosted by disquiet industrial effects serve as a screen for the dark nights of a young woman that opens for us her intimate diary. The album is then the bland, atone report of her waves of anxiety. It's a floating nightmare, it isn't nasty in any way, more friendly and welcoming than anything. Curiously, it makes me think of Cronenberg's cinema...
  15. [uprGOLD017] HONORIS II (CD)
    Inondations I by MAMAN KÜSTERS (Bonus track) Inondations I by MAMAN KÜSTERS (Bonus track)
    One of the very best tributes I have listened to, all styles included. It's very refreshing and exciting how all bands manage to reinvent the SOM's sound, while enhancing the original inner rhythm and the dark overall tone of disillusion. Really thrilling!
  16. The Unabating Terror
    by Black Claw
  17. Death Requiem
    by Frowning
    This is the best album by this wondeful German one-man band that stays true to the roots of Funeral doom. It's all focused on exploring your inner depths with the most classic of tools, digging vast mystic holes in your psyche while channeling shivers of extasy up your brain.
  18. Yankee Division
    by Kanonenfieber
    Energic and catchy German BM; it's crushing, melodic and very headbangable. What I like particularly is the glimpse of an underlying doomy darkness, lurking in some short parts of the songs. It lets forsee a depth, a somber potency that might unfold itself on later compositions. There's undeniable talent here.
  19. Alive
    by Mellano Soyoc
    It's that kind of album that you don't cease to revisit and rediscover. The female singer has an incredible rich, and hoarse tone that carries a lot of emotions. Very personal universe.
  20. On Rain and Thunder
    by Mournument
    Out of the blue, this Chilean project comes and offers an outstanding song. It is remarkable how they manage to pack in so little time so rich a composition that looks upwards, to the brighter, vaster fields of death doom. Its glorious energy is invigorating.