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  1. Tremors to Signal the End
    by Opium Doom Cult
  2. Stardust Solitude (Doom Metal)
    by POEMA ARCANVS (Chile)
  3. Wicked Zen
    by The Mountain King
    One song was enought to convince me I needed a physical copy of this. It's one of those rare adventurous Doom-related releases (think Hallowed Butchery, Goatpsalm, Seidr or Unholy...) where you feel a stroryline behind the songwriting, a thin thread preciously set through various moods, contrasted emotional states that, when considered as a whole and from a distance are drawing a life-complex canevas, a chain of thrilling patterns.
  4. FUNERIS "Elegies and blood"
    by Silent Time Noise Rec.
    I resolved to buy this new Funeris album. It's a Funeral Doom band I like, they're not very interesting to be honest and there're many of their peers that I value more, but it's a prime example of the most academic form of Funeral Doom. And that is very respectable. It's simple, safe and rather relaxing.
  5. Deferred Retribution
    by Graveflower, GFProductions
    Emotional Gothic death Doom done right. It's potent, vaguely reminiscent of MDB's darker gothic inspiration; only it's a tad more energic and favours a more simple and 'frank' songwriting. October Tide come to mind too. This album in particular reveals a real talent for interesting twists and turns packed in not-too-long, evocative songs that never run out of steam, nor lose sight of their well tought-out direction.
  6. Hymns from the Deep
    by Khazad-dûm
  7. Opium
    by Descend into Despair
    ensh[r]ine ensh[r]ine
    Opium shows a tremendous improvement on all levels for this Romanian Death Doom band. They took their time, patiently refined their skills with so little feedback in return, didn't give up and finally gave birth to this fantastic piece of funerary art.
    Kudos to them for the talent and tenacity.
  8. Deathsongs From The Hymnal Of The Church Of The Final Pilgrimage
    by Hallowed Butchery
    Massive album, twisted work of art; such a rare band, in both senses. I wasn't dreaming of a new album. And it's a feat of crooked extreme Death Doom, extravagant crossover between doom, folk, indus, between elegiac respites and wells of horrific darkness. And when it dooms, it dooms hard!
  9. Lamentations
    by Flesh Temple
    Obscure melodic funerary death doom reaking the damp cellar. It's slow, atmo, with a bizarre twist. Enough to stand out from the pack.
  10. Sanctuary
    by Alkymist
    I like this band's production so far. Each track sounds like the previous one, but I'm alright with that as long as their recipe of sludgy Post-Doom keeps its telluric effects intact. It very much works on me: it's a direct shot of primitive energy.
  11. Slow Fidelity
    by Domkraft
  12. Esoteric Malacology
    by Slugdge
    Choppy sludgy Metal with a reasonable measure of melody thrown in the pot. Think Mastodon, only more assertive and intense.
  13. Careful
    by Boy Harsher
    Hypnotic Darkwave, seedy atmosphere of distressed twilight zones. The unclear nature of the blank vocals - male or female, you can't say- brings about a delicate vagueness that perfectly fits the coldness of this whole despondent theater.
  14. Rendered Armor
    by Ritual Howls
  15. Stare Into Death And Be Still
    by Ulcerate
  16. Where Are You Now...?
    by Painthing
    I found out these guys were part of Oktor. This explains the album's quirky and kitschy traces that can raise some sniggers. But in the end, It's more odd than clumsy. I enjoy this!

  17. Below The Cover Of Clouds
    by (EchO)
  18. Where My Demise Dwells
    by Bewailer
    This is a good melo Death Doom album, definitely. The female voice - pace and tone -reminds of Estatic Fear's Somber Dance - Bonus point for this! Too bad she's not used more. The whole is not super original, but for a start, it's still impressively well balanced..
  19. Dive Into Darkness
    by Echoes Of Decay
  20. Inheritance
    by Catalepsia