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  1. Omens
    by Elder
    Halcyon Halcyon
    Elder is the band for me that needs to be listened with headphones lying down full vol. The music carries you away while at the same time punches you to new heights. This album sadly did not get me until now and hopefully I'll grow into it. The synth elements interrupt the epochal ramp in guitar, drums and bass. The music would work perfectly without it. I am very curious to hear how this will evolve over time in a never-ending stream of impactful and beyond good music that is for me unmatched.
  2. Stone of the Fifth Sun
    by Atomic Vulture
  3. Hangar
    by Mother Engine
    Prototyp Prototyp
    by Dirtwire
  5. III
    by Sun of Man
  6. Baba Naga
    by Baba Naga
  7. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
    Staving Off Truth Staving Off Truth
    by Carpenter Brut
  9. Lore
    by Elder
    Lore Lore
  10. Intergalactic dada & Space trombones
    by Radar men from the Moon
  11. Sea of Dust
    by Yuri Gagarin
  12. At The Center Of All Infinity
    by Yuri Gagarin
  13. Echo Forever
    by Radar men from the Moon
  14. Trails and Passes
    by Greenleaf
    Trails And Passes Trails And Passes
  15. Nitrogen
    by Mantra Machine
  16. White Sun Black Sun
    by IN ZAIRE
  17. S/T (The Socks)
    by The Socks
    New Kings New Kings
  18. Yuri Gagarin (2014 Remix)
    by Yuri Gagarin
  19. Reminiscences
    by Prisma Circus
    Napalm Napalm
  20. Pick-up, Lift-off, Space, Time
    by Electric Eye