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  1. Sangreal
    by Sangreal
    Vision And Life Vision And Life
    This is metal dealing with the sacred of the ancient scriptures, religious themes, legends, mysticism and esotericism, a journey between legends and history.
    The band themselves call it Epic Metal. I never heard of Epic Metal before this. Personally I would call it Progressive Power Metal with Symponic tones. Being a fan of German Symphonic Rock like Avantasia and Power Metal bands like Helloween and Gammaray I fund myself comfortable with the tunes of this album.
  2. Fortapelse
    by Flukt
  3. Sadist
    by Flukt
  4. As above (So Below)
    by Flukt
  5. Holocaust
    by Flukt
  6. Rock and Roll by Rainforce
    by Roxx Records
    With the bands of the 80's rock getting older and retiring it"s great that a band takes on the task to keep Rock n Roll alive. At the same time not compromising with their Christian believes.
  7. In Time It Will Happen
    by Nattesorg
  8. Ceremonial Sacred Ritual
    by Nocturnal Freeze
  9. In The Garden Of Gethsemane (Single)
    by This Divided World
  10. The Man of Nazareth
    by Ceremonial Sacred
  11. Über Trümmertälern
    by Triuwint
  12. Metal Pulse: A Tribute To Dale Huffman
    by Dale Huffman Benefit Compilation
  13. Love Shaped Hole
    by Eleos
    Love Shaped Hole Love Shaped Hole
    Christian Metalcore with a large dose of punk and a little Rock N Roll. Wonderful energy. What´s not to love?
  14. The Great War (History Edition)
    by Sabaton
  15. The Benediction
  16. Under the Influence
    by Amon Amarth
    I love this ep, because it`s not coversongs as you might think at first. More of a tribute to the music that has influenced them. I had lots of fun introducing this to friends who are into metal.
    It´s amusing when they try to guess wich song belong together with each band.
  17. I will fear no evil
    by Safekeeper
    This song is AWESOME!
    The intro is text from my favorite psalm, 23. After that it continues with all I could wish from a metalsong.
    The vocals are so fantastic!
    I can´t help myself to compare the growling parts with the viking metal band Amon Amarth, I hope I don´t offend the songwriter with that comparison... Looking forward to hear the rest of this ep.
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  18. Power By Injection
    by The Metal Onslaught Online Magazine
  19. Power By Injection Vol II
    by The Metal Onslaught Magazine
  20. WIntermetal
    by Immortal Souls
    Calm Before The Snowstorm Calm Before The Snowstorm
    These guys came to Rainbow rock and gave us a fantastic Death Metal show. I will be happy for a long time after witnessing this live
  21. Psalm 59
    by Hilastherion
    I love this music, because it draws me closer to God. Thank you!
  22. The Water and the Blood
    by Sojourn
    Death Has Lost Its Sting Death Has Lost Its Sting
    My sister passed away in cancer recently. I found this album while I was looking for comfort in my grief. The songs especially Death Has Lost Its sting gives me comfort. Thank you so much!