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  1. IBR005 - The Pop Experience
    by I Buy Records
    Think About You Think About You
    Simple chord progressions? Yep. Insistent drums? Yep. Slightly hackneyed lyrics and backing harmonies? Yep and Yep. You’ve heard it all before, but it’s still as fun af. Worth buying? Yep.
  2. This Perfect Day (Single)
    by MayBees
    This Perfect Day This Perfect Day
    Raw chunks of chords, tasting of small, sweaty rooms. Absolutely perfect pub music.
  3. Summer of Sad
    by Swell Tone & Z Tapes
    Ya w/Me? Ya w/Me?
  4. Over the Edge (Wipers)
    by Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan
    A lush lullaby to lurking menace.
  5. Answered Prayers
    by Terribly Yours
    Like a life lesson from your father, delivered in a bathtub of gentle harmonies and memorable, jangling guitars.
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  6. Hey You
    by The Thermals
    In many ways a profoundly simple punk ditty, driving beat + serrated chords. There’s depth in the lyrics, soil for the paranoid in the post-Snowden era. Enjoyable and head-nodding but, like the cover of the album, it’s kinda laboured.
  7. Not Like Any Other Feeling
    by The Thermals
    Not Like Any Other Feeling Not Like Any Other Feeling
    A dose of rocknroll nihilism to the insistent tread of a perfect bass line.
  8. Never Listen To Me (Maxi Single)
    by The Thermals
    Never Listen To Me (Instrumental) Never Listen To Me (Instrumental)
  9. Sprained Ankle
    by Julien Baker
    Something Something
    Evocative. Brittle. Vulnerable. Insert your own adjective that speaks of regret, loss and the smell of small towns. Then sit back, pour something overproof, and enjoy the sound of a glass that yearns to be half empty.
  10. Out in the Deep
    by Kal Marks
    It's either dirty and repetitive or driving and hypnotic. Take your pick but my hanging chad is with the latter.
  11. So Removed
    by Wives
    Waving Past Nirvana Waving Past Nirvana
    Sly, smart lyrics sung with languid urgency over catchy, disordered hooks. Nothing Stepford here.
  12. Invitation to the Voyage
    by Julia Kent
    Cello to drink Brandy with. At 3 AM.
  13. Metamodern Sounds In Country Music
    by Sturgill Simpson
    Turtles All The Way Down Turtles All The Way Down
    Country layered with depth and based on very fine musicianship. Little short of superb.
  14. GRAVES
    by Fronds
    Lush is the lazy, throw-away, and yet apt description here. Worth a listen or eleven. But the freaky, dead-eyed, funeral mask visage on the cover image? Just close your eyes.
  15. TENTS
    by Fronds