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  1. Prophets
    by Pale Summit
  2. Echo Therapy
    by Plaindrifter
    Prisma Prisma
    This album was an instant love affair. Out of the gates they reminded me of a doomy-shoegazer deal that rolls in & out of a metal overtone. Then the lyrics hit & it goes to a whole other plain (no pun intended). Fans of early Elder, King Buffalo, Bison Machine & Khan will feel more than right at home here; actually they’ll move in! Other nods I hear (whether intentional or not) include ATW & Silver Devil. Some mighty company to be in & Plandrifter truly belong here. I'll be back for the vinyl!
  3. Trip to Greece
    by WEEDIAN
    Planet of Zeus - On Parole Planet of Zeus - On Parole
    Question: What do Walter Mitty and WEEDIAN have in common?
    Answer: They both make the best mix tapes!
    There is so much good Stoner coming from Greece that a compilation album just makes so much sense. As mentioned in previous reviews, there’s not a bad song in this mix and with just shy of 4 hours of music on offer; getting this was a no-brainer.
  4. Dying Surfer Meets His Maker
    by All Them Witches
    Talisman Talisman
    I cannot think of another thing to say except it is worthy of the extra expense. I love this album.
  5. Vale
    by Khan
    Break Off Your Shells Break Off Your Shells
    Nothing has changed. This album is still brilliant & everything I've said before is still relevant. I am just heading down the analog road. I just hope it's a good journey.
  6. Lightning At The Door
    by All Them Witches
    Charles William Charles William
    Already had this in digital. Now I'm heading down the rabbit hole of vinyl. And I cannot think of a better album to start my journey with. This stuff is the shisen. So sublime.
  7. The Anatomy of Thera Macula
    by Bat Chain Puller
    Nothing Is, But What is Not? Nothing Is, But What is Not?
    Stepping back from the world of Stoner, I find myself pleasantly immersed in the world of American Alt Rock. There have been comparisons of these guys made to Tool and I can see that as BCP are definitely percussion driven. But to me, that’s where to similarities end. Vocals have an Ozzy-ish feel but the driving guitars have a Grungy feel like a ‘Puddle of Mudd’. I even get an ‘Old Major’ vibe. All I can do is recommend the Captain Beefheart‘s songs namesake. I don’t think you’ll regret it.
  8. Gegenschein
    by dalasun
    Guilty for Murder Guilty for Murder
    dalasun throw it all at you right from the first track! Initial walls of fuzzed out distortion blend with gravely vocals to feel like a slap in the face with a wet fish…...but then cometh the DOOM!!!! And that’s just the 1st track. Most of the tunes on Gegenschein remind me of the Stoner Rock of Tummler or early Truckfighter but essentially they rock their own sound. They fully find their funk (track 4) & that’s when you realise it was there all….the…..time. M.I.N.D.---B.L.O.W.N.
  9. Perfect Sunday
    by Instant Boner
    Perfect Sunday Perfect Sunday
    Greece. What’s going on there? How can so many good desert tunes come from such a lush land? I’m just starting on IS’s sonic journey at the beginning and I’ll tell you that’s a happy place to be. The saxs on Perfect Sunday has a Jazz feel. I’m struggling to pigeonhole these guys. The usual suspects are here though & I feel comfortable in the knowledge that I’m in good company. These are my people & we’re rocking out to the same tunes regardless of where we are. There’s comfort in that.
  10. Live at Freak Valley
    by King Buffalo
    Longing to Be the Mountain Longing to Be the Mountain
    I’ve never been a massive fan of live albums (unless I saw the concert myself). But…hey…this is King Buffalo. So I thought I’d better checked it out. So happy I did. How did they get to sound so good when being recorded in a cave??? Love everything these guys do and if you like Psychedelic Stoner Rock, you’ll love these guys too.
  11. Monsoons
    by Khan
    Nomad Nomad
    Wow… OK… This is a different approach. Don’t get me wrong; I really like it. It’s just different to what I usually listen to. Khan have departed from their norm & headed out into the instrumental realm. I personally do not favour this soundscape but had to make an exception in this album’s case. It’s just that good! I can’t really pigeonhole them but the closest I can think of is Yawning Man. Others with more experience in this genre may be able to help. All I know is that it’s soooo enjoyable.
  12. On Silent Space
    by Khan
    Atlas Atlas
    Timing is key. To me; timing and tone is where it’s all at. Enter Khan. Although they don’t sound like clones of them but I get an Elder/King Buffalo vibe. And to me; that’s some might company to be in. I have brought some unbelievable albums this year and this is up there with my most favourite. I can’t wait for the COVID restrictions to disappear so I can see these guys live. I can’t wait (Think of Homer dancing from foot to foot)
  13. Vale
    by Khan
    Break Off Your Shells Break Off Your Shells
    This is where it’s at. Tone, harmonics, percussion. This is next level for Khan. This album lifts them up to rub shoulders with the mighty like Elder, Bison Machine and King Buffalo. There’s a reason for this many downloads. Get into their earlier stuff, you wont regret it. This is music just makes me smile and that’s the point right?
  14. The Sounds of the Universe
    by Gods & Punks
    Gravity Gravity
    Again G&P produce the goods. From the beginning of ‘Eye in the Sky’s where they sound like their name’s inspiration, Monster Magnet; to the Iron Maiden-ish ‘Universe’ (think the Dance of Death album). But at every turn they make the sound their own. Blending Heavy Psych with Jazz, Stoner with Doom, Heavy Metal with Shoe-Gazer; and then somehow turning this melding pot of sounds into one spectacular soundstage for your listening pleasure. And the song Gravity??? That’s just absurdly brilliant.
  15. Planet Terror
    by Black Sky Giant
    The first thing that hits you from Planet Terror is the tone. The effortless blending of riffs is just staggering. Think "NAAM", "My Sleeping Karma", "Demonic Death Judge" and of course "Yawning Man". I really don’t have anything else to say except look at the sheer number of downloads. That’s a pretty telling sign. This album is nothing short of awesome. Thanks BSG.
  16. Falling Mothership
    by Black Sky Giant
    Drifting cosmonaut Drifting cosmonaut
    BSG will give you super smooth Space/Stoner grooves that will have more relaxed than you deserve to be. Sometimes dronie, sometimes chill, sometimes Jazzy, sometime creamy, sometimes rockin’ but at all times enjoyable. These guys are up there with my all-time favourite instrumental bands like “My Sleeping Karma” and “Mother Engine”.
  17. Kingdom of Shadows
    by King Mountain
    Out in the Cold Out in the Cold
    For me this outing from KM has taken a turn to a 90ies Hair Metal sound signature. They still have that Southern flavour but that Hair Metal sound is starting to take the foreground. Some of the guitar breaks get a little busy for me, much like the Yngwie Malmsteen breaks of yester year. Other times it has that Zack Wylde swagger (minus his pinch harmonics) which I much prefer. But all in all, an excellent album from an exceptionally talented band.
  18. FuZZmovies
    by High On Wheels
    In My Head In My Head
    The 70ies movie intro sets the scene to an era where the jeans were more flared & the music was pushed through valve amps turned all the way up to get that oh-so-sweet distortion. Tone has always been paramount for me and HOW provides it in spades. Reminiscent of “Eighteen Wheel Burning” with song structures like “TruckFighters”. The floatier parts are straight out of “The Machine” playbook. It took me a couple of listens to get into it but I am in no way disappointed with the purchase. So cool!
  19. Hubris
    by Minor Inconvenience
    Hubris Hubris
    More metal than I normally go for; but it’s oh so good. Minor Inconvenience has got a heavy “Tool” sound which adds to the credibility of this release. Love the double kicker, massive riffage and solid vocals of this outing. There is actually nothing not to like here. Think an angry “A Perfect Circle”, “Tool” or maybe even “Deftones”. This is like a sensible man’s “Sandrider” or “Buzzard”. They even have a heavy “Lucid Afterlife” feel. I’m pretty happy with this purchase.
  20. Live at La Plata
    by Surya
    Sundazed (Live at La Plata) Sundazed (Live at La Plata)
    Surya’s studio’s stuff is nothing less than awesome. Overthrown is a masterpiece in the making. Having said that; this live stuff is just next level. The emotion is palatable. This is one band who believes in what their peddling, and I’m just one happy punter who’s addicted. I’m looking forward to getting COVID-19 under control so we can get these gents down to Australia. I’ve been missing live gigs of this quality.