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  1. Broken Bones and Garden Gnomes
    by King Stag
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    Broken Bones and Garden Gnomes Broken Bones and Garden Gnomes
    King Stag have got some good stuff happening here. Loving the tone; loving the atmosphere; loving the energy. They’ve got a great ‘pub rock’ sound that is typical of Australian greats like the Easy Beats and early Hunters & Collectors but they're starting to drag in a new millennium Stoner feel that's keeping things fresh. I’m still wanting to see these guys live. I reckon that they’d go off like a frog in a sock!
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  2. Crach
    by Blind Mess
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    This right here Ladies and Gentlemen is pure Stoner genius. In a no holds barred barrage, Blind Mess take you on a full-on ride filled with Stoner and Psychedelic goodness. Think the grandness of Demons (Been Obscene) or Absence Without Leave (Beaver) and you’re starting to get the idea. More nice stuff from Germany. All we need now is an album.
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  3. Electric Mountain
    by Electric Mountain
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    Going Under Going Under
    Awesome desert rock sound in the vain of ‘Lowrider’ wrapped together with a health siding of Kyuss. There’s plenty of fuzz and wah to satisfy even the most ardent Stoner Rock fan. The tone and percussions are spot on the money. It’s impossible to find a thing not to like about Electric Mountain. If this is their first outing, I can’t wait to hear more! Cosas realmente buenas! (I hope I got that right)
  4. No Money, No Home
    by Stoner Train
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    I Know the End I Know the End
    Once again Stoner Train delivers. The fact that I get into this red-neck, six finger, banjo playing trailer park sound is beginning to become pretty telling………………..but I just can’t help myself. It’s as if Stoner Train have me in their spell. ‘I know the end’ is some great Sunday afternoon beer drinkin’ in the sunshine music. Tvoye zdorovye!
  5. Anvil
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    Chapter II Chapter II
    Superlative, psychedelic, stoner instrumental that can fill most any headspace. Love seeing the next generation's take on a classic sound. The tone is excellent and the production emphasises the flow of the music. Think Kamni or an upbeat NAAM / My Sleeping Karma. Russia is becoming my next hidden treasure of outstanding music.
  6. Deli Bal
    by ELARA
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    What an epic journey. The soundscape in this song is massive. Think ‘Demons’ by Been Obscene or ‘Morocco’ from Beaver. Truly epic stuff. I can’t pick a hole in anything. Pure ear- gasmic tunes.
  7. The Abbey of Thelema
    by The Abbey of Thelema
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    Blow up your memory Blow up your memory
    A tight as a fish’s ass-hole, well produced metal rock album. Think Stabbing Westward or Lifer. Just like Goldie Lock’s porridge; it’s not too heavy and not too light, but perfectly weighted metal that'll amp you up for whatever the occasion demands. Perhaps for when you’re bombing your favourite hill on your longboard or pushing into that next level in your workout; the Abbey will not disappoint.
  8. People Of The Haze
    by People Of The Haze
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    Willpower Willpower
    Welcome to the Chili Peppers of the Stoner world. Something the whole family can listen to on the road trip or even when doing the dishes. This is annoyingly catchy and really fun, easy listening rock from Poland.
  9. Journey to the Mushroom Planet
    by Hairless Monk
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    Stowaway Stowaway
    This album was an instant love affair. The slow melodic start of track one belies the raw intensity that follows. The way the music’s layered is reminiscent of the indie band Filter (think their album Short Bus without the screaming) that has been mixed with stuff from Demonic Death Judge. I think Stowaway could be the first song that has told me a story without words. Compelling stuff that will give you a sonic ride to remember.
  10. Back To The Mud EP
    by Kitchen Witch
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    Slip Stream Slip Stream
    This is massive. The first track pays homage to a Zeppelin’s classic (Kashmir). The second is reminiscent of the German mega band The Scorpions. These guys definitely stepped it up a notch with this EP. I’m not normally a fan of a female fronted band but my god this lady has a set of lungs. A ‘must have’ for any lover of the heavy stoner/blues rock. Brilliant stuff.
  11. Black Desert Highway
    by Thermate
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    Pipe Dream Pipe Dream
    I’m loving these guys. They have the same warm tone and creamy licks of Palm Desert; so how could you not like it! This is a brilliant first outing and the fuzzed out dropped sound has the feel of band that’s been together for eons. Get some Thermate; you’ll never look back if you do!
  12. III
    by The Souldiggers Band
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    When The Bridges Burn When The Bridges Burn
    I don’t know how this Russian Duo produce the warm creamy tone of the hot steamy South when they come from such a cold climate. Souldiggers seem to pull influences from Grunge (STP & Alice in Chains) and the Southern Stoner world (think early Mississippi Bones). I’ve had ‘Search for Greater Things’ for a while & it gets frequent air time and I can see that this album will flow along nicely with it; mouth-harp and all. Love this stuff. Gotta go. I’m off to check out ‘Second Coming’.
  13. Dust Monument
    by Sonora Ritual
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    Gates of Oblivion Gates of Oblivion
    Encapsulating. Massive. Vast. These are a few words that vainly attempt to describe this magnitude of this album. This is desert rock at its best. To me this stuff is up there with Beavers’ “Absence Without Leave” & “Morocco”. Larger than the galaxy and more massive than the universe. Colossal tunes worthy of any epic trip you should wish to undertake.
  14. King Stag
    by King Stag
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    Mountain Queen Mountain Queen
    Well Melbourne; what’s going on? How can one town have so many good bands? And the first outing from King Stag is no exception. From the stampeding ‘You Keep Me Coming Back’ to the thumping ‘Count of G’, I can hear indie genre influences from the 70ies through to the new millennium. It may not be the Stoner Rock fare that I normally feast on, but it’s definitely a table I’d eat at again. Would love to see these guys live and am looking forward to future releases. Go the might Stag!
  15. Hey Satan
    by Hey Satan
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    Bastardizer Bastardizer
    Good, solid, fuzzed up meat and three veg Stoner Rock with heavy blues undertones. You know; the stuff your Mama told you to eat so you’d grow up big and strong. Nothing out of the box here but it’s properly crafted and tight as. A very worthy addition to any Stoner collection. All Killer; no filler.
  16. Sand hills
    by Mother Desert
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    Black sun Black sun
    The tone grabbed my instantly. Massive wasteland tune abound here that are akin to the mighty Yawning Man. There is enough drone cords, melodic riffs and garage jams to keep you company on the longest of your psychedelic adventures. This is Desert Rock at its best but it’s always the tone that keeps me coming back.
  17. Black Hole Space Wizard: Part 1
    by Howling Giant
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    Exodus: Earth Exodus: Earth
    From Stoner jam of ‘Mothership’ to the epic rock anthems of ‘Exodus: Earth’; Howling Giant give you the sonic pleasure you want for those occasional sonic journeys needed to survive life in today’s society. Sometimes lazy, sometimes frantic; Howling Giant flow between Stoner groove and punk’s angry rebellion. No pigeon hole on this one. They may need to give the guest organist (Drew) a full time job though.
  18. Westing
    by Slow Season
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    With so many bands out there emulating the might Sabbath it’s an immense pleasure hearing some Led Zeppelin worship going on. It’s not early Zep but from the albums from ‘Physical Graffiti’ onwards that’s featured. But I’d feel remiss if I’d only state that Slow Season are a cover band. These guys are definitely sooooo much more. The number of bodies who have purchased this album is testament enough. Sound like ……………… but so much more.
  19. TRASH TITAN (the lost album)
    by Trash Titan
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    The Dog Song The Dog Song
    With big hard hitting percussion and riffs (as per Led Zeppelin) in ‘Painted Lady’ and a raw blues feel (as per Paw) in ‘The Dog Song’ there is nothing not to like about this "Lost Album". I’ve had this one kicking about in my wishlist for some time and my only regret is not getting it sooner. It's dirty, hard, southern stoner blues that’ll roll around in your head long after you’ve heard it.
  20. Repeated exposure to...
    by 1000mods
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    Electric Carve Electric Carve
    Had this digitally and thought it was one of the best offerings of 2016. I thought that maybe I needed it physically to add to my CD copy of Super Van Vacation. I couldn’t however find my CD copy of Super Van Vacation. Naturally distraught; I was adamant that I WILL own ‘Repeated Exposure to…’ before I again regretted it. Brilliant Desert grooves. Think Cojones, Mother Mars or an upbeat Lowrider.
  21. Underground
    by Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight
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    Enlightenment Enlightenment
    Once again Trippy and the gang have come up with some sonic pleasure worthy of anyone’s collection. Deep rumbling bass drives melodic guitars one minute and the next……….well; think ‘Wall-o-Sound’. Once more these guys pull it from the bag to produce another brilliant Stoner Rock album from left field. Different yet familiar. These guys should be bigger than they are.
  22. Rust
    by Stone Cream
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    Snakes on my back Snakes on my back
    Heard this on YouTube so I thought I’d see if it was in Bandcamp. And it was; with all the usual suspects. Loved these tunes in an instant with alternating crisp desert tones (like Palm Desert) and thundering riffs (like Steak). Add grumbling vocals (like DSW / Larman Clamor) and want's there not to like? Backing off on what Bucky said; it’s good to see that other parts of Europe are picking up what the Swedes are putting down. Awesome stuff Stone Cream. Thanks.
  23. Resonate
    by Cojones
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    Opium Opium
    As I get my first listen I feel as if I can’t praise these boys enough. The driving rock funk fury that is Cojones once again refreshes my speakers and once again it is a glorious thing. Like a fast paced Candybar Planet or a more muscular Palm Desert; Cojones will give you a sonic journey that at one minute will have you sitting, transfixed by the soundscape and the next, dancing around like a mad fool. Check out for their other albums.
  24. The Invitation
    by Zed
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    Leave Me Alone Leave Me Alone
  25. Whoopie Cat
    by Whoopie Cat
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    As Long As I Can As Long As I Can
    Wow! There are some great bands coming out of Melbainia. I feel as though I’m a little late getting on to this one and reckon Lute FP’s review pretty much nails it. Slicker than Owl Sh*t and smoother than cream caramel……..Whoopie Cat give you that blues hit that everyone needs; whether they know it or not. If you like ‘All Them Witches’ or ‘Junip’, give these guys a listen because I believe they’re the Love Child.
  26. Aldebaran
    by Super Illius
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    Entheon Entheon
    Great little album this. Had a listen and just had to get it. Leaning towards the rock end of the Stoner spectrum, it’s just another one of those gems you find in Bandcamp. Love the percussion and groovy little solo on Entheon. Just brilliant.
  27. Rusted Into Oblivion (SPLIT w/ J.D.Overdrive)
    by Palm Desert
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    Marcana Marcana
    Came for the Palm Desert………………Stayed for the remarkable desert soaked tunes. My favourite? I just can’t pick.
  28. Desperation Blues
    by Zed
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    Desperation Blues Desperation Blues
    Seems as though I’m a bit late on the band-wagon with this one. I only just stubbled over Zed’s 2016 album, ‘Trouble in Eden’ and thought that it was pretty brilliant. Went looking for more and, thankyou BandCamp for coming up with the goods. Percussive brilliance drives a rumbling bass that lays a perfect platform for a ‘stonerish’ guitar and gravelly, bourbon fuelled voice to flow over the top of. But don’t just listen to me………… the 80 plus other punters who got into this.
  29. Drive fast and crash!
    by Feuerzeug
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    Should i be your enemy? Should i be your enemy?
    Great first outing from the awesome Switzerland band Feuerzeug. Leaning towards the heavier end of Stoner Rock; these guys are masters of the light and heavy, knowing when to back off and when to bring it. These guys are amongst the best in their genre and well worth a listen. I’m betting you won’t regret it.
  30. Dead Wahines and Tsunamis
    by Feuerzeug
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    Evel Knievel has kissed the devil Evel Knievel has kissed the devil
    This is one of those albums that you will listen to again and again. One of those albums that you will listen to in five to ten years time and think; ‘Wow, I was really onto something here’. I've already had this album on mp3 but needed it on FLAC; just so I could act pretentiously. But seriously; this is a totally brilliant album that’s up there with my all-time favourites. It’s got to be one of the best albums that I’ve ever had the privilege of owning.
  31. Lady Snowblood (Single)
    by Fever Dog
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    Lady Snowblood / Child of the Netherworld Lady Snowblood / Child of the Netherworld
    I’ve always been a big fan of these guys & this EP’s no different. The down-tuned ‘wah’ soaked vibe really stands out and I’m just lovin’ it. (Sorry Maccas) Trippy, ethereal and 70ies rock are the best ways to describe this two song treat. I can never get enough of this good stuff.
  32. Try Mandarin
    by She Loves Pablo
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    Try Mandarin Try Mandarin
    She Loves Pablo keep going from strength to strength. Try Mandarin has cleverer lyrics and a more mature sound and complex time signatures than their previous 2 albums; even sounding like Clutch on occasions. To me, SLP is more hard alternative rock that stoner but whatever pigeon hole you wish to stick it in, it’s definitely bloody good stuff. This is hard guitar drive rock that’ll get your foot tapping. I’ve really got to get my ass to Croatia someday.
  33. Sword.Sorcery.Smoke
    by Faith In Jane
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    Stormbringer Stormbringer
    Faith In Jane had me at the first track ‘Back To Earth’. In this album they’ve left their Reggae-Metal fusion roots and have taken on a more psychedelic story telling vibe. They even provide four songs that go for 10 minutes plus & these epic sonic expeditions are brilliant in both concept & implementation. Some tracks are Even Led Zeppelinish in execution. But as always, they’ve projected a massive but ethereal soundscape and give the listener a journey worth taking.
  34. Astronaut
    by Giant Horizon
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    Like a Stone Rose Like a Stone Rose
    Discovered this LP after falling in love with the ‘Natural Born Greed’ EP. Although it’s a little rougher and sounds more core Stoner than the heavier EP; it’s not worse, it’s not better, it’s just cruiser. Giant Horizon still bring the goods that should satisfy the usual Stoner suspects out there. Easily described as - More good stuff from this Hungarian outfit.
  35. Natural Born Greed EP
    by Giant Horizon
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    Gimme Back My Weed Gimme Back My Weed
    I stumbled across these guys on Youtube and luckily the uploader had a BandCamp link attached. I saw ‘Gimme Back My Weed’ and I still think it’s my favourite track. Giant Horizon definitely towards the Metal side of the Stoner spectrum (definitely punchier than the2011 LP) but they still pump out those dropped riffy groves that I always crave. So here I am with a sh*t eating grin on my face listening to this EP over & over & over.
  36. Essence of Time
    by The Blinded
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    Anthology Anthology
    On the first listening, it didn’t take me too long to realise that these guys produce a massive soundscape that’ll fill in every square inch of a room. The tags on The Blind are reasonably diverse but are surprisingly spot-on the money. Other bands that could easily be thrown in the mix are the Aussie band Karnivool and British band Enter Shikari. It’s definitely the fusion of all these bands that hooked me in.
  37. Candybar Planet EP
    by Candybar Planet
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    Sun Screamer Sun Screamer
    I’ve always love the old dropped Stoner Rock from the 90ies. To me Candybar Planet are up there with the best of this era. They’ve got low end heavy sounds of Kyuss and Lowrider combined with the sexy swing of 7Zuma7 or Rollerball. Just love these types of tunes.
  38. Sonnenfracht
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    Sonnenfracht Sonnenfracht
    It’s been a while between drinks but I must say that I’m pretty happy with my latest expedition into Bandcamp. This will be some of the smoothest desert grooves you’ll find. I don’t usually go for instrumental stuff as I consider singing an integral part of any song. I did however make an exception due to the soul these tunes captured. I’m thinkin’ ‘Sahara Surfers’ meets ‘Clutch’ meets ‘Kyuss’ but with a Blues feel. Super chilled stuff from Germany that makes for some awesome recovery music.
  39. Stonebeliever
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    Experience 79 Experience 79
    Straight from Kyuss’s ‘How-To Guide to Stoner Rock’ comes Firestone’s Stonebeliever EP. There’s nothing new here, but what is here is so well done. I’ve listened to it five times and am still struggling to pick a favourite. More tasty stuff from Sweden.
  40. Life Train
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    Jam Jam
    While still retaining their Blues roots and railway cover art, Deadweight Express are taking on more of a Psychedelic/Stoner vibe. And I’m just loving it! (Do I sound too much like a McDonalds’ ad?) The boys from Bris-Vegas have once again brought some world class tunes to bear. Although I find the recording a little muddy, these tunes just shine through. This album is definitely a keeper.
    by Iverness
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    Almost Almost
    Go the French connection! Walls of Desert Rock will assault you in each track of this impressive EP. Heavy Psych is how I’d define these tunes. And to say that they’re immense would definitely be an understatement. Just loving the ‘locomotive-eśque’ base run in the beginning of ‘Almost’. What an epic song that is!
  42. The Strange Crow
    by Black Woods
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    Black Forest Black Forest
    After a bit of a hiatus I’m back. And this is the album that dragged me back that bit faster. Although these three guys don’t seem to know where to look during a photo; they definitely got their stuff together during the creation of this masterpiece. It’s like Blue-grass Stoner and I think Bucky’s Neil Young reference is about the closest pigeonhole you’ll find; right down to the mouth-harp on ‘So Sorry’ & ‘Her Mother and I’. I can’t get over how good this stuff is.
  43. Muezli EP
    by Muezli
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    Broken Piece Broken Piece
    Even though the exchange rate sux-ass, the music is way worth it. This is proper Desert/Stoner Rock. Nothing really out of the box but damn it’s sooooo good. Reminiscent of QOTSA and even Lowrider. There’s nothing wrong at all about this stuff and I even say it’s some of the best stuff I’ve heard this year. I'd like some more please!
  44. Folk Art & The Death Of Electric Jesus
    by The Bonnevilles
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    Home Home
    I was tossing up whether to get this album or not. I mean, I have heaps of Southern/Stoner/Slide blues and the exchange rates aren’t what they used to be so I wasn’t quite sure. But this is a brilliant album........... and then all of a sudden…………enter track 6; ‘Home’. I was sold in a heartbeat. These guys are that good they should be viral.
  45. Jackhammer
    by Cellar Dogs
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    Confidential Game Confidential Game
    So loving the tunes found here. Dropped, loud and leaning towards the Metal end of the Stoner spectrum. The voice took me a couple of listens to get used to. Sort of a strange mixture of ‘Wolf’ Lombardi from DSW and Lemmy from Motörhead. Or maybe even Babis from Planet Of Zeus. All in all though, the whole thing mixes together perfectly to make some great driven tunes that should get your head banging. More good stuff from Greece.