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  1. Electric Mountain
    by Electric Mountain
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    Going Under Going Under
    Awesome desert rock sound in the vain of ‘Lowrider’ wrapped together with a health siding of Kyuss. There’s plenty of fuzz and wah to satisfy even the most ardent Stoner Rock fan. The tone and percussions are spot on the money. It’s impossible to find a thing not to like about Electric Mountain. If this is their first outing, I can’t wait to hear more! Cosas realmente buenas! (I hope I got that right)
  2. No Money, No Home
    by Stoner Train
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    I Know the End I Know the End
    Once again Stoner Train delivers. The fact that I get into this red-neck, six finger, banjo playing trailer park sound is beginning to become pretty telling………………..but I just can’t help myself. It’s as if Stoner Train have me in their spell. ‘I know the end’ is some great Sunday afternoon beer drinkin’ in the sunshine music. Tvoye zdorovye!
  3. Anvil
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    Chapter II Chapter II
    Superlative, psychedelic, stoner instrumental that can fill most any headspace. Love seeing the next generation's take on a classic sound. The tone is excellent and the production emphasises the flow of the music. Think Kamni or an upbeat NAAM / My Sleeping Karma. Russia is becoming my next hidden treasure of outstanding music.
  4. Deli Bal
    by ELARA
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    What an epic journey. The soundscape in this song is massive. Think ‘Demons’ by Been Obscene or ‘Morocco’ from Beaver. Truly epic stuff. I can’t pick a hole in anything. Pure ear- gasmic tunes.
  5. The Abbey of Thelema
    by The Abbey of Thelema
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    Blow up your memory Blow up your memory
    A tight as a fish’s ass-hole, well produced metal rock album. Think Stabbing Westward or Lifer. Just like Goldie Lock’s porridge; it’s not too heavy and not too light, but perfectly weighted metal that'll amp you up for whatever the occasion demands. Perhaps for when you’re bombing your favourite hill on your longboard or pushing into that next level in your workout; the Abbey will not disappoint.
  6. People Of The Haze
    by People Of The Haze
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    Willpower Willpower
    Welcome to the Chili Peppers of the Stoner world. Something the whole family can listen to on the road trip or even when doing the dishes. This is annoyingly catchy and really fun, easy listening rock from Poland.
  7. Journey to the Mushroom Planet
    by Hairless Monk
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    Stowaway Stowaway
    This album was an instant love affair. The slow melodic start of track one belies the raw intensity that follows. The way the music’s layered is reminiscent of the indie band Filter (think their album Short Bus without the screaming) that has been mixed with stuff from Demonic Death Judge. I think Stowaway could be the first song that has told me a story without words. Compelling stuff that will give you a sonic ride to remember.
  8. Back To The Mud EP
    by Kitchen Witch
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    Slip Stream Slip Stream
    This is massive. The first track pays homage to a Zeppelin’s classic (Kashmir). The second is reminiscent of the German mega band The Scorpions. These guys definitely stepped it up a notch with this EP. I’m not normally a fan of a female fronted band but my god this lady has a set of lungs. A ‘must have’ for any lover of the heavy stoner/blues rock. Brilliant stuff.
  9. Black Desert Highway
    by Thermate
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    Pipe Dream Pipe Dream
    I’m loving these guys. They have the same warm tone and creamy licks of Palm Desert; so how could you not like it! This is a brilliant first outing and the fuzzed out dropped sound has the feel of band that’s been together for eons. Get some Thermate; you’ll never look back if you do!
  10. III
    by The Souldiggers Band
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    When The Bridges Burn When The Bridges Burn
    I don’t know how this Russian Duo produce the warm creamy tone of the hot steamy South when they come from such a cold climate. Souldiggers seem to pull influences from Grunge (STP & Alice in Chains) and the Southern Stoner world (think early Mississippi Bones). I’ve had ‘Search for Greater Things’ for a while & it gets frequent air time and I can see that this album will flow along nicely with it; mouth-harp and all. Love this stuff. Gotta go. I’m off to check out ‘Second Coming’.
  11. Dust Monument
    by Sonora Ritual
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    Gates of Oblivion Gates of Oblivion
    Encapsulating. Massive. Vast. These are a few words that vainly attempt to describe this magnitude of this album. This is desert rock at its best. To me this stuff is up there with Beavers’ “Absence Without Leave” & “Morocco”. Larger than the galaxy and more massive than the universe. Colossal tunes worthy of any epic trip you should wish to undertake.