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  1. No Gas No Good
    Hyde Rider Hyde Rider
    Have you ever wanted to hear Fu Manchu & Kyuss jam together? Well, now you can! Enter DuneEater!! From the first time I heard the tone on One Eyed Samurai I was hooked. For those of us who like our Stoner Rock sustenance with bluesy guitar driven rock as their base ingredient, then this is a true feast. I haven’t heard an album that has grabbed my interest so quickly in ages. For lovers of aforementioned Stoner legends, Lowrider & Steak.
  2. Summons
    by Voidship
    Drunken Horses Drunken Horses
    Voidship fuses two of my favourite genres together, Stoner & Grunge, to bring you Stunge, or is it Groner? Whatever you call it, it’s like the driving sound from a prog-ish offspring of Truckfighters & Soundgarden that incorporates the Nirvanaish lead-breaks and the vocals of Ian Curtis (that occasionally have Matt Bellamy inflections). Another great Bandcamp gem that proves you can get great music from any country in the world.
    When Sleep Escapes Me When Sleep Escapes Me
    Smooth, creamy tones in the vain of Palm Desert, Mother Mars, or even Parasol Caravan. I’m slowly catching up with their back catalogue. Tight & tidy; these tunes that are perfect for cruising down the Hi-Way or for rockin’ out to. The licks at the end of ‘When Sleep Escapes Me’ are just sublime.
  4. No God? No Problem
    by The Lucid Furs
    Stay Stay
    It’s taken so long to buy these guys’ musical-ecstasy because of a condition that I’ve come to term as "the musical pigeon-hole conundrum”. I wouldn’t really call them blues; but they are. Psychedelic? Yeah, kind of. Rock? Well that’s easy win….yes. The soaring guitar solos are reminiscent of the 70ies & vocals can float seamlessly between blues & jazz. Percussion??? OMG. Who do they sound like? I’ve got nothing except that it’s awesome enough to lay down some readies to own it.
    Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope
    I’ve always inclined towards the rockier end of Stoner & the sound these guys have is so polished that I enjoy every moment. The technical Arabic lead in ‘Godspeed’ is purely enjoyable and then there’s the ‘old school’ HM feel to “Kaleidoscope” that is refreshing in this day & age. Add to that the creamy guitar duels and mathematical sounds in “100 Years” & things get an Elder feel. The vocals are top-notch too. Thermate are a professional outfit & are worth a spin on your favourite format.
  6. The Long Dark
    by Duskwood
    Mars Rover Mars Rover
    Stoner Rock the way it should be; fuzzy, swaggering, Kyuss worshiping and dropped. Think stable bothers ‘Steak’, ‘Why Desperados’ or maybe even a throaty ‘Feuerzeug’. I have to agree with Bucky; this is the pure uncut sh*t that everyone should have in their collection.
  7. Stepping Stones
    by Grey Mantis
    The Black Cube of Saturn The Black Cube of Saturn
    Straight off, I just loved the sound of these guys. They called themselves Psych/Blues but I can hear so many more influences in there as well. ‘Innerspeaker’ is more reminiscent of the Grunge/Noise sound of ‘The Jesus Mary Chain’ until the very end of the track where the Blues comes through. The other tracks also have that Grungy angst flowing through the slow Psych/Blues groove. ‘Serpent Seed’ would keep fans of ‘Child’ happy & ‘Endless Dreams’ reminds me of Nirvana’s ‘Rape Me’.
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  8. The World Alight
    by Brain Puppet
    When Old Days Turn New When Old Days Turn New
    What you’ll get here is cleverly crafted music that is well produced with a mixture of Grunge and Stoner throughout the entire album. The a-typical vocals at the half-beat really appeals to me. This has a 90ies ‘Stiltskin’, ‘Melodyssey’, ‘Three Point Tilt’ kind of vibe going on. This is the best new stuff I’ve heard in the past couple of weeks & I’ve listened to quite a lot. It’s hard to believe that this sound is coming from a three-piece.
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  9. Rick Dangerous & The Silkie Bantams
    by Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams
    The General The General
    Paul M has this review sorted. There really is nothing more to say except these guys go off like a frog in a sock! Think early Faith No More, Primus at any stage of their career, and one hell of an angry Sum 41.
  10. Belushi Dynamite Kid
    by Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams
    Welcome to Fusion-ville. It’s where Punk meets Disco, meets Classic Rock, meets Alt Rock, meets all the best times you’ve had when you’ve been ‘off your chops’. No pigeon-holes; just fun (and plenty of it). Think ‘Jimmy Glitschy der einarmige Karussellbremser’ on steroids.
  11. Thrust Machine
    by Rick Dangerous & the Silkie Bantams
    Powdered Sugar Powdered Sugar
    There are few things that you will bucket-list during your life. My new addition to the list is seeing every RD&TSB gig I can. I’ve seen them twice now; the first got my interest; the second made me a convert. I cannot give a better descriptor than ‘Paul M’. He’s nailed it down & I can only add an ‘angry Frank Black’ to the references. Recommendation - See them live; they have a wicked sense of humour & are easily one of the most entertaining outfits out there!
  12. Stonekind - EP
    by Stonekind
    Talk to Fire Talk to Fire
    Great feed. Thanks to my brothers in Stoner! Wow. Where do I start? These virtuosos three are amazing. Rolling Stoner, into Doom, into Psych, into Rock, into classic Heavy Metal. Although their sound can be pigeon-holed, their style is much harder to classify. I like to link a band’s sound to something but these guys are hard to nail down. Maybe a creamier version of Mother Mars or Parasol Caravan? ‘It’s Alive’ has a Cojones tone to it. But whatever the style is, I’m a massive fan!
  13. DEAD
    by Mammal
    Riffy, funky, thumping, guitar driven awesomeness that has machinegun like vocals. This is the best way I can describe Mammal. If you have the chance, see them live for a truly remarkable experience. For those of you who can’t; download this and crank it up. Then you’ll get the idea. Think RATM mixed with Propagandhi.
  14. Community
    by Mammal
    Community Community
    It’s been a good ten years since I’ve heard new stuff from Mammal & I’ll tell you what; they don’t disappoint! Last saw these guys back in 2007 & I’m glad to see that they’ve lost none of their intensity. They still use the same driving riffs & thought provoking lyrics; but they’ve now added a RATMish funk to the mix. That & the tacky 80ies dance intro to Community; I have to say I like it!
  15. Carronade
    by Nine O'Clock Gun
    Mamba Mamba
    With some tracks having the twang of ‘Larman Clamor’, others the blues rock of ‘Five Horse Johnson’ & with them bringing the old school techniques like back-masking and Wah Pedal; Nine O'Clock Gun produce a cruisy blues feel that gives authenticity to their entire project. I am one of the more cautious purchasers you’ll meet in BandCamp; but at song nine I’m sold. At first it was the Swedes; then the Greeks; but now it’s the Canucks who have my interest.
  16. Soul Seeker
    by Bison Machine
    My second favourite on the combo but no less as important. To me, Bison Machine has the Midas Touch & everything is gold.
  17. Hawk on the Wind
    by Bison Machine
    In the wake of their new album release I went in search of more Bison Machine. Only last night I was in a small smoke-filled cabin listening to Hoarfrost & thinking - How good is this? Now back to civilization; I can found this little gem. In my eyes; these guys can do no wrong. This is my favorite of the two on this combo.
  18. The Death of All Religions
    by Hypnotic Nausea
    Dogma Dogma
    It’s like Queensrÿche & Tool got together to make one all-encompassing album. Massive on all scales, the sound scape is enormous. This is one of those albums you will listen to in ten years’ time and go - I was there when it was released. This is an album you will tell your Grand-Kiddies about. How good are the bands from Greece at the moment?
  19. Magara
    by The Mothercrow
    Magara Magara
    Rock steady drums and masterful bass pave the way for the soaring vocals that drift & flown alongside the exquisitely crafted lead breaks. Sometimes favouring the Heavy Metal/Punk sensibilities of Motorhead (Revolution) & others the Stoner Rock Blues feel of Dali's Llama (Magara). The Mother Crow are a heavy Blues loaded rock band that pays homage to the glory years of the 60ies and 70ies.
  20. Leak of Noise
    by Dieaway
    Cracks in the Sky (part 1) Cracks in the Sky (part 1)
    Dieaway is hard rocking Grunge in a Stoner Rock sort of a way. Or maybe it’s Alt Rock with red desert dropped undertones. Whatever it is, it’s highly addictive. Talented musicians at the top of their game; these guys will not disappoint fans of Sound Garden’s “Down on the Upside” / “Animal Kingdom” years. The singer’s voice even has the same timber as Chris Cornell’s. Brilliant stuff from Spain’s center.
  21. Spires Burn/Release
    by Elder
    Release Release
    The only bad thing I can say about these guys is that they don’t sell physical copies of their goods on BandCamp. And how good are their goods! Mixing Prog/Drone/Stoner/Metal & Heavy Pych seamlessly appears to be their forte. I’m not new to Elder. I already own physical copies of their other 4 albums but I could only find this on BC FLAC. Think a driven My Sleep Karma or Mother Engine with soulful vocals.
  22. Yard
    by Veuve
    Days Of Nothing Days Of Nothing
    Apart from their music which just captivated me; their description got me with my three favourite musical genres - Heavy, Psych & Stoner. I can hear their musical influences but cannot find a pigeon-hole for these guys. I’m just loving the punchy drums. I can see that a few of the Stoner heavy-weights are here already so don’t just believe me. I’m thinkin’ maybe Kyuss (Blues For The Red Sun); Lowrider (Ode To Io) or (out of left field) Zed (maybe?) Whatever it is, it’s definitely awesome.
  23. Ride the Sun
    by Ride the Sun
    Ride Ride
    Awesome 70ies metal vibe. The Sabbath riffs with a ‘Larman Clamor’ like vocals will give you a punch in the guts that will keep you rockin’ all night. You can even hear Kyuss & 7Zuma7’s sweet tones. These guys are more Rock Worthy than most rock bands out there today. I’m enjoying being here even though here is 9 years ago. How the hell did I miss this???? It’s so much fun!!!!!!
  24. Orange Moon
    by Hey Satan
    Golgotha Beach Golgotha Beach
    I don’t know why I’ve been sitting on this one for so long. Here you can find sweet sounding, smooth Stoner Metal that is oh-so easy on the ear. The ‘Cultch’ funk style is represented. There’s also the occasional punk angsty QOTSA song to keep you on your toes (Show Me Your Teeth, Fucker!). With a drum thumpin’ dig at Radio Head, these guys pretty much cover all bases. I can see this getting constant rotation on my playlist.
    by Lucid AfterLife
    Dye My Soul {DMT} Dye My Soul {DMT}
    It’s great to hear all this musical array on one album. Reminding me of ‘Jack Johnson’ to ‘My Sleeping Karma’ to ‘The Clay People’ to ‘HED Planet Earth’ to 'Vast' to…………I can’t pigeon hole these guys as they’re everything to everyone. Most of the time this sort of variety lacks integrity & centring but this is not the case here. These guys have a grounding & soul that gives credibility to their craft. Diversity that is worth listening to.
  26. Occult Mafia Mistress
    by Lucid AfterLife
    ‘In All That I See’ is a massive Folk Metal track that draws you in from the start with its infectious hooks. The track ‘This is Real’ reminds me of Defryme in their prime. You’ve just gotta love the title ‘Retarded Owl’. And then the fourth track dropped and bam, they started to channel HED Planet Earth / D12 / Headcrash. I did not see that coming. Diverse much? Lovin this stuff. It's become one of my favourite EPs of all time. Go the Canucks!!
  27. Free Ride
    by Free Ride
    Free Ride Free Ride
    We’ve had Sabbath worship in Freedom Hawk; we’ve had Zeppelin worship in Slow Season and we’ve had Kyuss worship in Lowrider. Although these bands pay homage to their icons, they bring their own musical excellence to their respective genres. Enter Free Ride. This is pure Nebula worship and they do it so well. Bringing their own musical flare to the Heavy Psych scene, they are truly masters of their art and being a fan of Nebula; I’m an instant fan of Free Ride.
  28. Perception
    by The Sonic Dawn
    Lonely Parade Lonely Parade
    This is where it all started. If you like Heavy Psych with a Blues inflection; then this is where you should be. It doesn’t get better than this.
  29. Into the Long Night
    by The Sonic Dawn
    Numbers Blue Numbers Blue
    I already had their first album 'Perception’ & hadn’t realised that The Sonic Dawn’ were in Bandcamp until just now. They’ve always be one of my favourite psych bands and this album has just cemented that opinion. Lovin’ the super trippy Beatles-esque back-masking & song structure. Unlike their first offering, this one requires a couple of listens before you truly appreciate it & then it just gets better after each listen. It’s some of the creamiest Heavy Psych out there.
  30. To the Other Side
    by Spiral Guru
    The Nameless Town The Nameless Town
    Spiral Guru have finally transformed from the raw sounding caterpillar of their first EP to the stunning butterfly that is ‘To the Other Side’. More polished & refined; they seem to have settled into their skin with the commanding female vocals & technical brilliance from the band. Like Colin M. said; lookin’ forward to see where they go from here.
  31. Old Gods
    by Valley of the Sun
    Dim Vision Dim Vision
    Yet another awesome release from these boys from Ohio. From the thunderous roar of ‘Dim Vision’ & ‘Firewalker’ to the transient space journeys that are ‘Into The Abyss’ or ‘Dreams of Sand’; the Valley have all your trip necessaries covered. So if you like Planet of Zeus, Feuerzeug, Whores of Tijuana or QOTSA, then you will not be disappointed in the Old Gods.
  32. Widow in Black
    by Stonerror
    Domesday Call Domesday Call
    More meat & three veg Stoner/Grunge from one of the masters of the genre; Stonerror. Tone driven music that ranges from the solid Stoner drone of ‘Beaver’ to the manic driving rhythms of ‘Feuerzeug’. They even have a cheeky dig at QOTSA. I was hooked as soon as I heard the track Tumbleweed but I’ve always been a sucker for good tone.
  33. Animals on Display
    by Stonebride
    Embodiment Embodiment
    I’ve had Stonebride floating around my playlists in one form or another since 2006. The Interesting chord progressions, ear-friendly vocals & a tight rhythm section remind me a bit of a heavier ‘Old Major’ but they also bring the Grunge of ‘Alice in Chains’. They’ve always been in my playlists and I’ve never skipped through them. On the contrary, they have always placed a smile on my face and a head-bang in my neck. So it’s time for me to step up and represent on Bandcamp.
  34. Beaten By Hippies
    by Beaten By Hippies
    Rock'n'Roll Rock'n'Roll
    Think that the core of their music rests in the growly vocal & lazy chattering of ‘Planet Of Zeus’ and the progressive riffs of ‘Lord 13’. They also throw out the occasional floaty guitar of ‘My Sleeping Karma’ but can still pull off the blistering lead breaks of any given metal band of the 80ies. Wrap all this up in a well-produced sound and this will give you a pretty good understanding of why they are up there punching with the best of the Stoner bands out there.
  35. Maybe I'd Be Alright
    by The Moon is Flat
    At the beginning the slow percussions & keyboards set the stage perfectly for some superb Stoner Doom Trippage. For some reason it reminds me of Radiohead. This is extreme Psychedelia & the intricacies of the guitar that play subtly in the background are undoubtedly the ‘piece de resistance’ of the track.
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  36. The Way
    by Narla
    Enter the Narla Jazz fest! It’s just another example of musical diversity from Narla. For me the percussions are the prominent factor of this song. The shear craftsmanship proves these guys are exceptionally talented. It’s not my favourite outing from these boys but it is still truly awesome.
  37. Till the Weather Changes
    by Narla
    Narla are at it again. They are bringing into being musical ecstasy & showing that they are more diverse than just a Stoner blues band. They’ve created something that starts off like Alt Folk-Rock legends Junip’s ‘Far Away’ which by the way is one of my all-time favourite songs. Come on boys; stop teasing us. You keep producing all this good music. Time for an LP I think. Lovin’ the Narla!
  38. Zorn
    by Tourette Boys
    Colossus Colossus
    Now I’ve been sitting here thinking about how I’ll describe TB. I could say that they are dropped, heavy, grungy, post-prog, red earth droney goodness and that would fit the bill quite nicely; but I feel that they need more. They have these massive walls of sound but when you listen closely there are all these fantastic intricacies that make them stand apart. They remind me of the bastard son of Grunge underground icons Flake Music and Alt Blues Gods All Them Witches.
  39. I
    by CHILD
    Going Down Swinging Going Down Swinging
    Had the pleasure of seeing these guys live tonight & it was a real treat. I didn’t think that it would be possible but they sound even better live! If you like your blues to rock with soul look no further. Heavy, psych laden, jazz infused, stoner blues that will have your head nodding. It’s just one more triumphant release from Child.
  40. Soundzilla
    by King Kronos
    (The Rising Of The Awesome) Soundzilla (The Rising Of The Awesome) Soundzilla
    These types of dropped down tunes are why I got into the Stoner genera in the first place. Hard hitting, meat and three veg Stoner Rock with a female front twist. The last track even has some doomy psychedelic backmasking going on. For the rest of the album, think along the lines of Sahara Surfers or Koyen and your pretty much on the money. And just quietly, King Kronos can easily go toe to toe with these Stoner legends. Awesomely fun stuff.
  41. Love Sex Volume
    by Cowboys & Aliens
    Out Of Control Out Of Control
    These gentlemen were at the forefront of the Stoner Rock movement. They basically took off in 1996 just when Kyuss signed off and they definitely do the genre justice. I’ve had this album in one form or another for since the early millennium but felt I need to ‘represent’ in Bandcamp. I still think they’re one of the better acts around. Think Sasquatch, Steak and Lord 13. Good, hard rockin’ grooves are to be found here.
  42. Turtle Skull
    by Turtle Skull
    Take It Or Leave It Take It Or Leave It
    Well I’ve been sitting on this album for quite some time purely because I really didn’t know what to write. All the punters have it have nailed it down one way or the other. I like Marcin’s best though….“True ACID” sums it up well. To me it’s like a modern, more cruisy and droney ‘Sergeant Pepper’ with some decent amps and the band members are on a better class of drug.
  43. Horses of Rebellion
    by Cowboys & Aliens
    Two Time a Man Two Time a Man
    C&A are one of the best Stoner Rock acts around. A little bit punchier than Kyuss; not as psychedelic as Nebular and definitely more upbeat than Naam or My Sleeping Karma. These guys sit well within the centre of Stoner goodness and I had to buy the physical copy before they disappeared. I didn’t want another ‘missing out on a physical copy’ fiasco as my “League Of Fools” dilemma. Think Buffalo Hump, Blind Dog, DSW just to name a few comparable Stoner legends.
  44. League Of Fools
    by Cowboys & Aliens
    Cowboys & Aliens Cowboys & Aliens
    This album is nothing short of awesome. I have been scouring the internet for a physical copy but haven’t had any luck. The next best bet is a FLAC from Bandcamp. These guys put the Rock in Stoner Rock and will not disappoint fans of 1000mods, Lord 13, Corrosion Of Conformity and Orange Goblin. These guys are one of my favourite acts and they definitely put the bounce back into the Mosh Pit. The self titled track is one of my all time favourite songs..........ever! \m/
  45. Muttermaschine
    by Mother Engine
    Mantra Mantra
    I always tell myself that I won’t buy instrumental albums but there are always these annoying bands like Mother Engine who change my mind. I’m thinking that the best thing that happened to this band is that the singer left. I don’t know if I can say anything that hasn’t been said before except that these guys are tighter than one size down pair of jocks. Excellent Stoner Rock with tone / feel. I thought it was that good that I needed to get a physical copy.