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  1. Bug Fables Soundtrack
    by Tristan Alric
  2. Super Ponybeat - In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Lovers Mix ft. Jessa)
    by Eurobeat Brony
  3. Emerald Eyes
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  4. Wandering Eyes (2018)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  5. Get Your Game On! [feat. Xthedarkone & PrinceWhateverer]
    by RE:MAKE
  6. Link Up With Me Baby (Breath of the Wild)
    by Brentalfloss
  7. DoTheDaringDew
    by DoTheDaringDew
  8. DK Rap 2018 - Where Are They Now?
    by Brentalfloss
  9. Carryin' My Water
    by DoTheDaringDew
  10. Owlboy OST
    by Jonathan Geer
  11. Tetris
    by Pixel Face
  12. Spark: The Electric Jester (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by James Landino, Pejman Roozbeh, Paul Bethers, Michael Staple, Andy Tunstall, Falk Au Yeong
  13. Midnight Frenzy (Instrumental)
    by KC Guzman
  14. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon With Lyrics (feat. Dj Cutman)
    by Brentalfloss
  15. Lex Wins (Single)
    by Amie Waters
  16. Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow - Cerulean City Acapella
    by Smooth McGroove
  17. Intro
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO
  18. Mario 3
    by The Adventures of Duane & BrandO
  19. Kirby - Bubbly Clouds Acapella
    by Smooth McGroove
  20. Xenoblade Chronicles - Gaur Plains Acapella
    by Smooth McGroove