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  1. Ram
    by skullflower
  2. Mort Aux Vaches
    by Yellow Swans
  3. Mass Cathexis
    by Krallice
  4. Manger on McNichols
    by Boldy James / Sterling Toles
  5. A Path Through Ashes
    by Gråt Strigoi
  6. NA 20.04 - The Battle of VOSAD
    by Boreal
  7. Live During War Crimes #2
    by Dove Yellow Swans
  8. Detestifi Yellow Swans
    by Detestifi Yellow Swans
  9. Long Lost Solace Find
    by Mike Polizze
  10. Daggers of Stygian Hatred
    by Valac
  11. Years Deprived
    by Valac
  12. Obsidian Visage Of Everlasting Hate
    by Obsidian Grave
  13. As Life Fades...
    by Obsidian Grave
  14. Remnants Of Sacrificial Perversion
    by Obsidian Grave, Funeral Altar, Megalith Grave, Kaznextheh
  15. Kommodus
    by Kommodus
  16. Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival
    by June of 44
  17. Im Wald
    by Paysage d'Hiver
  18. Unsympathetic Empyrean
    by Xazraug
  19. Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel
    by VoidCeremony
  20. Providence
    by Ulthar