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  1. Prehistoric Meditations
    by Paleowolf
    Part I: Pathfinder Part I: Pathfinder
  2. Dauðra Dura
    by Forndom
    Nio nätters led Nio nätters led
    A masterpiece of Ancient Nordic Ambient...
  3. Heart of Akamon
    by Nechochwen
    The Serpent Tradition The Serpent Tradition
    An extraordinary record, one of my favorites in this genre. The unplugged parts are incredible. This makes me both melancolic, and proud at the same time. Just like an Indian today I suppose...
  4. Rosna
    by Laboratorium Pieśni
    U lisi U lisi
    Discovered these girls randomly on a FB video. Instant love for their art. So, as soon as I knew they have made an album, I bought it. No regrets, this is a "masterpeace" for my soul.
    Thank you for your music, keep it this way !
  5. Terres de Sang - EP
    by Catuvolcus
    Vercingétorix Vercingétorix
    This record is a powerful piece of music. You are taken for a trip in the Antiquity, when Romans were conquering Gaul. The composition is excellent, this announces the next record of the band : Gergovia, which I recommand too !
  6. Gergovia
    by Catuvolcus
    Par Monts et Par Vaux Par Monts et Par Vaux
    I discovered this band with this album, and the track "Par Monts et Par Vaux", which I know by heart now. Catucolvus give us here a very powerful concept album about Gergovia, a battle that a lot of people has forget, because History now tells us about defeats, such as Alesia. Nevermind, enjoy this record, it is perfect to hear when you're heading to a gaulish reenactement event haha !
  7. Voyageurs de l'Aube
    by Catuvolcus
    Voyageurs des Brumes part I Voyageurs des Brumes part I
    This album is a masterpiece. I just can't choose a favorite track, because for me, this record is a kind of perfect unity.
    Too bad the group has split...
  8. Kadath
    by Ultar
    Azathoth Azathoth
    For me, it's the best Post-Black album of the year.