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Portland, Oregon
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  1. VELD - DAEMONIC: The Art Of Dantalian
    by Lacerated Enemy records
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    Annihilation Of Divinity /Trust Upon Ignorance/ Annihilation Of Divinity /Trust Upon Ignorance/
  2. Cerebral Effusion | Idolatry of the Unethical
    by New Standard Elite
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    Terminally Decimating Neurogenesis Terminally Decimating Neurogenesis
    One of the best Brutal Death Metal band in 2014! Cerebral Effusion released This crushing studio recording " Idolatry of the Unethical " that will have your energy pumping for more of their music. This is one release that when you start listening from the beginning you just can't simply stop listening to one song. You'll just continue to finish the entire album! And possibly listen to it over and over. 2 thumbs up for a job well done Cerebral Effusion and thank you too New Standard Elite!
  3. Enlightening the Unknown
    by INSAIN
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    Enlightening the Unknown [feat. Daniel Neagoe] Enlightening the Unknown [feat. Daniel Neagoe]
    Very fucking brutal! This is one beast of a band that will be the king of the jungle in Death Metal. This studio release has a fucking bite that will tear your flesh apart. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the future.
  4. Where the Corpses Sink Forever
    by Carach Angren
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    General Nightmare General Nightmare
    I am really digg'n this Black Metal orchestra Dutch quartet. Their sound structure provides dark atmosphere, shivering vocals, eerie melodies, shredding guitars/Bass, symphonic landscapes and a melodic badass drummer... They are the architect's that paints their own dark path. BEHOLD! Symphonic Black Metal at it's finest from these dutch heavy hitters!
  5. INFESTUM - Monuments Of Exalted
    by Lacerated Enemy records
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    Iron Hammer Upon The Skull Of Slave Iron Hammer Upon The Skull Of Slave
    From the depths of Belarus emerged INFESTUM! A four piece band combining Symphonic Blackened Death Metal and a mixture of Industrial. INFESTUM knows how to show case their musical talents in this experimental architectural mammoth orchestra titled "Monuments Of Exalted"! Very clean professional studio recording. HAIL INFESTUM!
  6. Revealed in Profane Splendour
    by SIDIOUS
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    Sacrilegious Majesty Sacrilegious Majesty
    As of right now this is by far one beast of a Symphonic Blackened Death Metal band on this filthy fucking planet. Much hailz to Sidious for releasing this mastery studio recording. Definitely fans of real Symphonic Blackened Death Metal will like this fury of fire! Kneel Before None!
  7. PRIMORDIUM - Aeonian Obsolescence
    by Lacerated Enemy records
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    The Incursion The Incursion
    Every year I find new and innovative Death Metal and this band is one reason why PRIMORDIUM have reached my expectation of releasing such an epic Death Metal album. PRIMORDIUM are a very unique band forging musical technical structure qualities and complicated landscapes. I highly recommend PRIMORDIUM to any enthusiast who's into technical Death Metal... Looking forward into the future for more releases. 2 thumbs up and a job well done guys!
  8. I
    by Necropoli
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    Inner Space Inner Space
    I have no idea where to start describing about this band. Necropoli is an amazing Death Metal integrated with Doom Metal that makes this band unique. Necropoli brings forth a new breed of musical talent that is by far a band to be one of the top extreme bands in the world today!
  9. Abhorrent Castigation | Throne of Existential Abandonment
    by New Standard Elite
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    The Empty Throne The Empty Throne
    Brutal Death Metal from Bremen, Berlin, Hamburg, Albstadt / Germany. Brutal Death Metal indeed as well technical and utterly guttural! For fans of Infecting the swarm, Cerebral Engorgement, Cerebral Effusion, Gorgasm, Disgorge, Corporalcephalic and many more of the true Brutal Death Metal. You will not be disappointed. This is fucking heavy and brutal. Cheers from Portland, Oregon U.S.A.!
  10. Partied In Half
    by PaRtY-CaNnOn
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    Duct Taped To A Flag Pole Duct Taped To A Flag Pole
    This fucking cracks me up in a good way. These guys took death metal to a different level of being comedic and yet fucking BRUTAL! These Scottish Death machines keeps me banging my fucking head! For fans of Brutal Death Metal and Slamming Death Metal you will not be disappointed by these Party animals. Party on motherfuckers!
  11. Mustam Dorcheme
    by Bleedead
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    Ruthefor Ruthefor
    I can't even describe what this band from Japan is. Besides Brutal Death/Grind Metal and I mean BRUTAL! This is one band that stands out of the Death Metal genre that is totally different and unique. Yet amazingly technical and fucking BRUTAL! Right now there is no band in the Death Metal genre that I can't seem to compare this band too. Just fucking awesome to know these guys are in their own league! 2 thumbs up all the way!