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Lurking Sandman

  1. Bielsko Biala, Poland
  2. Electronic
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  1. Awakening
    by Amarante
  2. Approach The Infinite
    by Fictionalhead
    All Things Impermanent All Things Impermanent
  3. Parallax
    by Direct
  4. Simple
    by Skalpel
    Soundtrack Soundtrack
    This is Skalpel. Only that and that much. Serious and perfect come-back for Breslau DJ group, bringing us dusty and delightfully dark 50's jazz tunes mixed for today's folk taste. All tracks are favourite, really hard choice...
  5. Waterworks
    by Kyst
    Season/All Is Different Season/All Is Different
    Sunny, calm, soft tunes great for quiet holiday strolls in the wilderness - alone or with your other half. Really great work with rythm that is lively, warm, yet totally chillout'ey!
  6. Mega Drive
    by Mega Drive
    Converter Converter
    Why love this? Because it's innovative electronic "hell broke loose" album with really engaging tunes. Really now, push the 'play' button on the left of your screen, crank the volume up and submerge in tech-punk madness!
  7. In never out
    by Pg.lost
    Still alright Still alright
    Definitely one of this "Shock and Awe" albums that every music lover tend to listen to once in a while. Extremely emotional, tense and rapt band deserves wider acclaim and notability, and their "In never out" album is my personal masterpiece, where no single track is a filler. In this pack we get minimalistic scandinavian post-rock genre with something really deep lurking between the lines, that keeps me leaving all other activities and focusing on my stereo...