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Lupus Dei

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  2. Ambient
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  1. TRIPLESIXGODS [p. Yung Meep]
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Ich hatt einen Kameraden
    by MINENWERFER / 1914
  3. Taur-nu-Fuin [REMASTER]
    by Thangorodrim
  4. A Journey Across Primordial Lands (3 Way Split)
    by Splendorius Barak Tor RævJäger
  5. Blood Tower
    by Blood Tower
  6. Decayed Wings Flutter Through the Trees
    by Witch King of Angmar
  7. Fall of the Horned Serpent
    by Medhelan
  8. Verwüstung
    by Moloch
  9. Lonely Mountains
    by Silent Cabin
  10. Fragmenter Av Trolldom
    by Skarpseian
  11. Norfaragell-Thul [remaster]
    by Splendorius
  12. The Tale of Axe & Torch
    by RævJäger
  13. Inspirações
    by Iamí
  14. The minstrel's fireplace tales
    by Medhelan
  15. Foundations Of Burden
    by Pallbearer
    The Ghost I Used To Be The Ghost I Used To Be
    Haunting and evokes a feeling of deep depression.
  16. A Forest Is Myne Home
    by Forgotten Land
  17. Demo
    by Wolcensmen
  18. Inheritor of the Forest Throne
  19. King In The Mountain
    by Dungeon Lore Foundation
  20. Nocturnal Wanderings
    by Medhelan
  21. Svartalfheim
    by Nocht
  22. Nihilistischen
    by Minenwerfer
  23. II: Corpses & Ruins
    by Sallow
    Ashes Fell To Earth Ashes Fell To Earth
    Great sound, very cold and suffocating. I can feel the ashes chokingly hanging in the air.
  24. ARATH
    by ARATH
  25. Inheritor of the Forest Throne
  26. Journey Through The Mountain
  27. Eisreich
    by GRIMRIK
  28. Of Times Forgotten
    by Swords Of Númenor
  29. The Wandering Ghoul
    by Fullmoon Dweller
    I love everything about this demo. It is one of the most soul crushingly beautiful, and cold, releases I've ever heard. I am a devoted fan of these guys now, they nailed it first try. A must listen if you like DSBM.
    Keep up the great work!
  30. Old Blood
    by Cold Blue Mountain
    Seed of Dissent Seed of Dissent