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  1. Victoria, British Columbia
  2. Blues
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  1. At Yer Place
    by The Party on High Street
    Customs Office Customs Office
    Funky folk for fun. This album is all about the story - great lyrics with a funky beat.
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  2. The Grit
    by Malahat
    Bad day at work? Take it out with The Grit. Not chill, not dance, this is head banger heaven. Dirty, heavy grungy in the dark glory that is Malahat.
  3. Household Daydreaming
    by The New Souls
    Don't Let Me Go Don't Let Me Go
    R&B funk! Steady groove - very Luke-worthy.
  4. Celebrate (Feat. Georgia Murray of LIINKS)
    by Justin Brave
    Love Georgia's voice! Not a great recording - would love a better version - is it out there?
  5. Stress Leave
    by SweetLeaf
    Just A Blip Just A Blip
    Yeah - let's do it. The west coast sound is all party, no stress.
  6. Break Away
    by Blackwood Kings
    Great ska backline. Smooth jazzy sound w/ hot brass.
  7. Birthright Single
    by Everybody Left
    Birthright Birthright
    Funky/soulful party music.
  8. Shoestring Bourbon
    by Shoestring Bourbon
    Pablano Pablano
    Our feet can't help but groove.
  9. The Orange Album
    by The New Groovement
    Call Me by My Name Call Me by My Name
    This is your party dance sound. It 's so '70's it makes the Hustle cool again.
  10. Avocado Ideology
    by Downtown Mischief
    Hip hop funk fusion. #BeLikeOllie
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  11. White Noise (Full Length Version)
    by Spaceport Union
    Pink Floyd-esque - this is track is for chilling.
  12. Pablano
    by Shoestring Bourbon
    This is a smooth R&B, soul track. Bre sounds great. "I'd love you everyday."