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  1. It Unfolds
    by Romeo Moon
    Let Love In Let Love In
  2. Orange Whip
    by Honeyfeet
    Sinner Sinner
  3. Human Being • The Short Story Of The Reed
    by Quiet Dawn
    The Reed The Reed
  4. Known-Unknown
    by Trichotomy
    Five Five
    Enjoying the album but the vinyl arrived in a paper inner which has scratched the record and the same goes for other people who ordered the special release with only 30 copies. Real shame but the CD is of course fine to listen too.
  5. All This I Do For Glory
    by Colin Stetson
    All This I Do For Glory All This I Do For Glory
    Diving into the deep end to see what the fuss is all about.
    hopefully not another frisbee.
    Although white frisbees are kinda cool eh.
  6. Child Of Somebody
    by Ross McHenry
    Sketch Sketch
  7. We All The Light
    by River Whyless
    Kalangala Kalangala
    Purchased on the basis of one track heard on radio.
    If the rest of the album is as good as that particular track then...
    it's win-win for me.
    (need vinyl though)
  8. Wander
    by Romeo Moon
    Tune In Tune Out Tune In Tune Out
    Bought this vinyl but really want 'Walking' on vinyl. which i heard this day on The Inside sleeve. Sign me up for crowd funding if you need the dosh to do a vinyl run.
  9. Healer
    by Resonators
    Healer (7" Edit) Healer (7" Edit)
    Dipping toe in water. coloured vinyl usually sucks over black but...hey who cares.
    Never heard the tracks and never heard the band. If it's naff I'm going for the world record one way frisbee throw back to the UK
  10. Modifications: Set 1
    by Modified Man
    System Is Fatal System Is Fatal
  11. MJCR027 - Rotorotor
    by Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp
    Slide Slide
    I love this album
  12. The Hollow
    by Scrimshire
    A Promise Is All It Was A Promise Is All It Was

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  1. Human Being • The Short Story Of The Reed
    by Quiet Dawn