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  1. One Way Street
    by Mark Lanegan
    One Way Street One Way Street
    𝓐 songsmith of rare poignance and among the finest vocalists to ever undertake the craft; Mark Lanegan's principal solo ventures cut a pentad of haunted routes into the landscape of contemporary cult heroes. Converging now on 'One Way Street' and from the opening chords of 'Mockingbirds' to the closing dissonance of 'Fix', here prevails a collection possessing the poise and might to summon the dogs of hell, douse kingdoms in rain and set the stars 'n' moon back where they're supposed to be.
  2. Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011
    by Mark Lanegan
    Bombed Bombed
    𝓘t's scarcely beyond the realms of possibility that an emissary of such elegiac artistry as Mark Lanegan should successfully escape his own shadow and invoke divine witness to the event. A handpicked selection anthologizing the halcyon harvest between 'The Winding Sheet' and 'Bubblegum', including a corresponding set of previously unreleased material, 'Has God Seen My Shadow?' is an essential landmark along an imperative pilgrimage.
  3. Houston: Publishing Demos 2002
    by Mark Lanegan
    No Cross No Cross
    𝓘f the individual chapters of Dark Mark's graven grimoire follow a serial narrative, then 'Houston' collects the lost residual fortune of Field Songs' effusive endeavors, reaped against a crimson dusk before those weird chills began to stretch like bubblegum and requiem was held for the blues. Left to gestate for 13 years, these vintage spirits and archival passages now settle aside the most potent among the chronicles of Lanegan.
  4. Townes Van Zandt
    by Townes Van Zandt
    For The Sake Of The Song For The Sake Of The Song
    𝓑lues, booze 'n' balladry. One man and his complicit guitar. Palpable paeans, no venom wasted and a portion of the most achingly graceful stanzas ever committed to song. Ladies and gentlemen: the late, great, Townes Van Zandt.
  5. Graveyard
    by Graveyard
    Satan's Finest Satan's Finest
    𝓐s accomplished as its vintage ascendants and harbinger of the peerless 'Hisingen Blues'; the ignition of Göteborg's finest delivers nine sonic missives whose creative lineage consolidates the great houses of blues, hard rock and heavy psych, with more than enough impetus to crack the pantheon.
  6. Clearing The Path To Ascend
    by YOB
    Unmask the Spectre Unmask the Spectre
    𝓘n the beginning was dogma, practiced for aeons as a form of catharsis. Then came the great cessation, a ball of molten lead burning the altar and effecting the silence of heaven. Quantum mystics battled mental tyrants across Samsara until both were adrift in the oceans of the kosmos. They breathed from the shallows, grasping air upon sight of the other shore. There they prepared the ground before finally, the path was clear to ascend. And ascend they did, to the pinnacle of doom.
  7. Our Raw Heart
    by YOB
    Beauty in Falling Leaves Beauty in Falling Leaves
    𝓞bsidian octaves atop monolithic manoeuvres. Transcendental rituals. Tools for divining the true meaning of heavy. Instruments for extracting the essence of doom. Ignition of the mortal veil to illuminate the deathly beyond. A beating pulse in the depths of the abyss. The raw heart of YOB.
  8. Atma
    by YOB
    Adrift In The Ocean Adrift In The Ocean
    𝓓oom is the most mercurial of metals, capable of embodying a multitude of profound states. Grief, fury, hope and their wild, hybrid spawn all thrive within its purview. But only the grandmasters of the realm are capable of channeling such disparate spirits into a timeless, abounding wellspring. And none commit those sorceries more triumphantly than YOB.
  9. Leviathan
    by Mastodon
    Seabeast Seabeast
    𝓟owerful. Progressive. Peerless. A sonic realm of seabeasts, megalodons and Hinds. Metal in all its fearsomely forged glory. Towards thee I extol, thou all-destroying and conquering Leviathan; to the last I channel thee; from hell's heart I grab at thee; for great weight and volume hath consist thee!
  10. The Art of Self Defense
    by High On Fire
    Blood from Zion Blood from Zion
    𝓣he quintessential stoner-doom archetype and virile progenitor to a legion of magnificent bastards, many of whom can be located amidst the alleys and backstreets of bandcamp's metal district.
  11. Electric Messiah
    by High On Fire
    Drowning Dog Drowning Dog
    𝓗igh on Fire's previous seven records may as well have been the seals of Armageddon, given the rapturous, revelatory nature of 'Electric Messiah'. Within this tenebrous temple are enshrined sonic saviors, redeemers of riff and demigods of downtuned groove. A career highlight is rarely won come a band's 20th year of metal marauding, but this unholy trinity have long proven to be a class apart. Pioneers, pariahs, Pike-powered messiahs; believe in them, for they know exactly what they do.
  12. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Two Urns Two Urns
    𝓐ssuredly, Windhand's magnum opus. 'Grief's Infernal Flower' defies any superlative descriptor one could muster in its honor, content in reformulating the existing parameters of heavy.
  13. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
    Diablerie Diablerie
    𝓣he grand pantheon of doom swung wide its colossal doors and welcomed a fresh slab of sonorous sermons, chiselled and carved by its finest disciples. Formidable fuzz, nebulous notes and the ever-exquisite presence of one Dorthia Cottrell are the mainstays of Windhand's artistic might; a sonic trident of Earth-splitting magnitude.
  14. Split with Satan's Satyrs
    by Windhand
    Windhand - Old Evil Windhand - Old Evil
    𝓕uzzed-up seisms and strung-out refrains. Séance with a violet oblivion. Doom, damnation and Dorthia. The Windhand way.
  15. 's/t'
    by Dorthia Cottrell
    Orphan Bird Orphan Bird
    𝓐t the serene center of Windhand's prodigious tempest exists its greatest strength: the celestial refrains of Dorthia Cottrell. As a songbird who commands storms and a siren steering the flagship of doom, her presence exudes an unearthly elegance. Shorn of the heavy sonics and ethereal fuzz of those regular endeavors, such talents are brought into sharper focus on her solo voyage. The result is nothing short of spellbinding. A vision realized in acoustic arcadia.
  16. Forever Blue
    by A.A. Williams
    Love And Pain Love And Pain
    𝓕orever Blue, in alluring and haunting aural hues. A.A. Williams has carved out a solitary shelter in post-alternative terrain and proceeds to enrapture earth, ear and the ether hereafter. Occasionally complimented by vocal cohorts and giftedly skilled in quiet/loud dynamics, this laying bare of woe-weighted spirit and wounded heart forges a trajectory direct to top-shelf territory.
  17. Feast for Water
    by Messa
    Tulsi Tulsi
    𝓟reeminent pugilists out of the Italian doom stable; Messa's 'Feast for Water' bears colossal punch, subtle uppercuts and a surfeit of dynamic movement. Listeners can expect to be floored in each of rounds 1 through 7 and categorically KO'd by the 8th.
  18. No Offending Borders
    by Torgeir Waldemar
    Island Bliss Island Bliss
    𝓣orgeir Waldemar may divide his days between the Devil and the Almighty Blues but nightfall summons the solitary oracle within and even mightier forces manifest as muses. Eager seekers need cast no further than 'Island Bliss' and 'The Bottom of the Well' to behold the workings of elite inspiration.
  19. Love
    by Torgeir Waldemar
    Leaf in the Wind Leaf in the Wind
    𝓦ith 'Love' consummating a trilogy of the utmost quality, Torgeir Waldemar breaches the border between the realms of contemporary and classic, confirming his fellowship of both. The fundamentals endure; cultivated composition, mesmerizing melodies and an ironclad authenticity of poignance and passion. Eager ears, all you need is 'Love'.
  20. II
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
    𝓐uthentic to the last letter and the final note, The Devil and the Almighty Blues does exactly what it says on the timeworn, nicotine 'n' whiskey stained tin. For 'II' does indeed contain the mightiest blues to be found across all of the Devil's dominions.