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  1. One Way Street
    by Mark Lanegan
    One Way Street One Way Street
    A songsmith of rare poignance and among the finest vocalists to ever undertake the craft; Mark Lanegan's principal solo ventures cut a pentad of haunted routes into the landscape of contemporary cult heroes. Converging now on 'One Way Street' and from the opening chords of 'Mockingbirds' to the closing dissonance of 'Fix', here prevails a collection possessing the poise and might to summon the dogs of hell, douse kingdoms in rain and set the stars and the moon back where they're supposed to be.
  2. Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011
    by Mark Lanegan
    Bombed Bombed
    It's scarcely beyond the realms of possibility that an emissary of such elegiac artistry as Mark Lanegan should successfully escape his own shadow and invoke divine witness to the event. A handpicked selection anthologizing the absinthian harvest between 'The Winding Sheet' and 'Bubblegum', including a corresponding set of previously unreleased material, 'Has God Seen My Shadow?' is an essential landmark along an imperative pilgrimage.
  3. Houston: Publishing Demos 2002
    by Mark Lanegan
    The Primitives The Primitives
    If the individual chapters of Mark's graven grimoire follow a serial narrative, then 'Houston' bears the lost residual fortune of Field Songs' expansive endeavor, reaped against a fading crimson dusk before those weird chills began to stretch like bubblegum and requiem was held for the blues. Left to gestate for 13 years, these vintage spirits and archival passages now settle among the most potent in the chronicles of Lanegan.
  4. Townes Van Zandt
    by Townes Van Zandt
    For The Sake Of The Song For The Sake Of The Song
    Blues, booze n' balladry. One man and his complicit guitar. Palpable paeans, no venom wasted and a portion of the most achingly graceful stanzas ever committed to song. Ladies and gentlemen; the late, great, Townes Van Zandt.
  5. Graveyard
    by Graveyard
    Satan's Finest Satan's Finest
    As accomplished as its vintage ascendants and one step removed from the peerless 'Hisingen Blues', the initiation of Göteborg's finest delivers nine sonic missives whose creative lineage consolidates the great houses of blues, hard rock and heavy psych, with more than enough impetus to crack the pantheon.
  6. Clearing The Path To Ascend
    by YOB
    Unmask the Spectre Unmask the Spectre
    In the beginning was dogma, practiced for aeons as a form of catharsis. Then came the great cessation, a ball of molten lead burning the altar and effecting the silence of heaven. Quantum mystics battled mental tyrants across Samsara until both were adrift in the oceans of the kosmos. They breathed from the shallows, grasping air upon sight of the other shore. There, they prepared the ground before finally, the path was clear to ascend. And ascend they did, to the pinnacle of doom.
  7. Atma
    by YOB
    Adrift In The Ocean Adrift In The Ocean
    Doom is the most mercurial of metals, capable of embodying a multitude of profound states. Grief, fury, hope and their wild, hybrid spawn all thrive within its purview. But only the grandmasters of the realm are capable of channeling such disparate spirits into a timeless, abounding wellspring and none commit those sorceries more triumphantly than YOB.
  8. Our Raw Heart
    by YOB
    Beauty in Falling Leaves Beauty in Falling Leaves
    Obsidian octaves atop monolithic manoeuvres. Transcendental rituals. Tools for divining the true meaning of heavy. Instruments for extracting the essence of doom. Ignition of the mortal veil to illuminate the deathly beyond. A beating pulse in the depths of the abyss. The raw heart of YOB.
  9. Leviathan
    by Mastodon
    Seabeast Seabeast
    Powerful. Progressive. Peerless. A sonic realm of seabeasts, megalodons and Hinds. Metal in all its fearsomely forged glory. Towards thee I extol, thou all-destroying and conquering Leviathan; to the last I channel thee; from hell's heart I grab at thee; for great weight hath consist thee!
  10. The Art of Self Defense
    by High On Fire
    Blood from Zion Blood from Zion
    The quintessential stoner-doom archetype and virile progenitor to a legion of magnificent bastards, many of whom can be located amidst the alleys and backstreets of bandcamp's metal district.
  11. Electric Messiah
    by High On Fire
    Drowning Dog Drowning Dog
    High on Fire's previous seven records may as well have been the seals of Armageddon, given the rapturous, revelatory nature of 'Electric Messiah'. Within this tenebrous temple are enshrined sonic saviors, redeemers of riff and demigods of downtuned groove. A career highlight is rarely won come a band's 20th year of metal marauding, but this unholy trinity have long proven to be a class apart. Pioneers, pariahs, Pike-powered messiahs; believe in them, for they know exactly what they do.
  12. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Two Urns Two Urns
    Assuredly, Windhand's magnum opus. 'Grief's Infernal Flower' defies any superlative descriptor one could muster in its honor, content in reformulating the existing parameters of heavy.
  13. Eternal Return
    by Windhand
    Diablerie Diablerie
    The grand pantheon of doom swung wide its colossal doors and welcomed a fresh slab of sonorous sermons, chiselled and carved by its finest disciples. Formidable fuzz, nebulous notes and the ever-exquisite presence of one Dorthia Cottrell are the mainstays of Windhand's artistic might; a sonic trident of Earth-splitting magnitude.
  14. Split with Satan's Satyrs
    by Windhand
    Windhand - Old Evil Windhand - Old Evil
    Fuzzed-up seisms and strung-out refrains. Séance with a violet oblivion. Doom, damnation and Dorthia. The Windhand way.
  15. 's/t'
    by Dorthia Cottrell
    Orphan Bird Orphan Bird
    At the calm center of Windhand's prodigious tempest is found its greatest strength; the celestial refrains of Dorthia Cottrell. As a songbird who commands storms and a siren steering the flagship of doom, her presence exudes an unearthly elegance. Shorn of the heavy sonics and ethereal fuzz of those regular endeavors, such talents are brought into sharper focus on her debut solo voyage. The result is nothing short of spellbinding. A vision realized in acoustic arcadia.
  16. Feast for Water
    by Messa
    Tulsi Tulsi
    Preeminent pugilists out of the Italian doom stable; Messa's 'Feast for Water' bears titanic punch and a surfeit of dynamism. Listeners can expect to be floored in each of rounds 1 through 7 and categorically KO'd by the 8th.
  17. No Offending Borders
    by Torgeir Waldemar
    Island Bliss Island Bliss
    Torgeir Waldemar may divide his days between the Devil and the Almighty Blues but nightfall summons the solitary oracle within and even mightier forces manifest as muses. Eager seekers need cast no further than 'Island Bliss' and 'The Bottom of the Well' to behold the workings of elite inspiration.
  18. II
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
    Authentic to the last letter and the final note, The Devil and the Almighty Blues does exactly what it says on the timeworn, nicotine 'n' whiskey stained tin. For 'II' does indeed contain the mightiest blues to be found across any of the Devil's domains.
  19. Death Tunes
    by Tiebreaker
    The Deep The Deep
    Seldom has a record implicating repose been so affirmingly loaded with drive and vitality. 'Death Tunes' is as masterful a distillation of 70's licks, 90's hooks and contemporary groove as there exists. Thomas E. Karlsen administers a rock 'n' roll coup de mâitre with the vocal authority of a blues-basted Charlemagne, ably abetted by a crack rhythmic unit who conjure at will all the soul, vigor and sleight required for phonic conquest.
  20. The Mules Of Nana
    by Orango
    Ghost Riders Ghost Riders
    There are blues rock divinations afoot in the Land of the Midnight Sun and 'The Mules of Nana' are prepped for an ascent upon the mountain of augury, saddle bags laden with kernels of finesse and extract of fervor.
  21. Evergreens
    by Orango
    Sunny Bay Sunny Bay
    A lone, towering evergreen is a symbol befitting of Orango's sonic stature, so abiding are the acts of these singular songsmiths. The shores, bays and hillsides here are the same lavish lands where once Battles were fought and The Mules of Nana roamed; a richly organic audiosphere of blossoming blues, perennial rhythm and the lushest of licks.
  22. Longing To Be The Mountain
    by King Buffalo
    Cosmonaut Cosmonaut
    Sovereigns of psych and regents of rock, King Buffalo possess ample creative daring to deviate from the herd and embody a singular mountain of sound. Roaming the rifflands and grazing on groove, these bovids obey only rhythm and tune.
  23. Head Smashed In
    by We Hunt Buffalo
    Industry Woes Industry Woes
    We Hunt Buffalo cast their name indelibly upon the desert sands, with phonic force and the powerfist of fuzz. 'Head Smashed In' exceeds the recommended daily dose of heavy rock by a factor of nine and is all the more exhilarating for it. Best consumed at 90 decibels, on repeat and in the throes of a deaf wish. Expiration: eternity and a day.
  24. Sewed With Light
    Arrhythmia Arrhythmia
    The modus operandi may speak of broken souls but assuredly, it is so they can be rendered anew, invigorated by the powers of rhythm and groove. The tools of these sonic theurgist's trade are heavy rock and progressive psych; blended and baked to cathartic consistency and molded into eleven scintillant slabs. Sewed and sown, riffed and reaped, premium is the product that The Soulbreaker Company™ weaves.
  25. Smolyk
    by Petyr
    Distant Shores Distant Shores
    Untethered from prevailing winds and currents, Petyr deliver a masterfully aberrant synthesis of heavy psych and prima materia. Perpetual groove and obsidian-edged riffage, carving an indelible notch upon the sonic monolith.
  26. The Ground
    by Dead Seconds
    Temple Temple
    Burly Brooklyn-bred blues, honoring a heavy psychedelic muse. Dusted and gritted with angst and attitude, sealed with soul and sonic glue. Pre-weathered audio apparel, good for a lifetime of tune and travel.
  27. Seven Storms
    by Mountain Dust
    Witness Marks Witness Marks
    A Beaufort seven storm engulfs the summit in driven dust, bestowing nine unearthly agents upon the mountain. Those legacies of the tempest rise high, wide and exhilarant, like the sweetest petrichor from the greenest of leaves. Blizzard-born blues and gale-force grooves for wanderers wilfully lost in tune.
  28. Beyond the Gate
    by Red Bowling Ball
    Kisses with the Devil Kisses with the Devil
    From refined rock roots blooms a twisted vine of full-bodied blues. With one foot in vintage vicinage, the other progressively present and both eyes entranced upon the horizons of hereafter, 'Beyond the Gate' is a sequential seven-pack performance along the way to a perfect game.
  29. MaidaVale - Madness Is Too Pure
    by MaidaVale
    Walk In Silence Walk In Silence
    Venerable agents of The Sign Records guild, the mercurial MaidaVale previously excelled as chroniclers of the wicked west and its smouldering fables. Turning their attention now to the purity of madness, and who better to helm a voyage across that turbulent tundra than these righteous rock renegades.
  30. Electric Earth
    by Gin Lady
    Brothers Of The Canyon Brothers Of The Canyon
    Geothermally warm tones, ageless musicianship and gilt-edged songwriting savvy are the tools and forces with which Gin Lady have carved a valley in the hard rock landscape that is uniquely their own. Signposted 'Electric Earth', its amaranthine features have been deftly chiseled to stand the test of time and convert weary wanderers to sonic settlers.
  31. Yn Ol I Annwn
    by Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
    Yn Ol I Annwn Yn Ol I Annwn
    Within the tectonic rift where the heavy and sublime coincide, stand four denizens of doom, instruments at the ready. All around them, cosmic vessels rise from the abyss and bastard wizards ride atop mammoths. As Katyusha watches from the riverbank, the sorceress le Fay triggers the metronome. A moog is sounded. Yn Ol I Annwyn has begun.
  32. Far From Earth
    by Stonefield
    Broken Stone Broken Stone
    Though rooted in fields of stone, 'Far From Earth' has its gaze firmly set upon an azure night sky, with every note carrying the suggestion of cosmic provenance. Solar communiqués from a quadruple star system, somewhere beyond the psych nebula.
  33. Calm Before The Calm
    by The Lunar Effect
    Calm Before The Calm Calm Before The Calm
    One small step on the fuzz pedal, one giant leap into heavy psychedelia. A sonic seabeast on the tides of Tranquility, a bastion of blues in the twilight of Tycho. Come on feel The Lunar Effect.
  34. Dead Eden
    by Everest Queen
    Neptune's Gates Neptune's Gates
    The sonic dominions of progressive metal and sludge unite under the banner of Everest Queen and convene amid the obsidian orchards of Dead Eden. Abaddon unleashed upon elysian fields, where riffs reverberate and the mountains bleed.
  35. Masters Of Space And Time
    Masters Of Space And Time Masters Of Space And Time
    Magnetic reveries and electric devilry. Lizzyan melodies atop heavy rockin' elegies. The continuing adventures of a proven, groovin' Goliath; on a pliable path toward sonic Shambhala.
  36. When The Flowers Get Teeth
    by Have Blue
    Curse From Space Curse From Space
    Venusian vibes infuse the vine with grooves sublime. From the base of a moonflower tree, to the wild open sea, lunar sojourns and cosmic afterburns. Blues blooms perennial. Psych is fundamental. Have Blue? Cherish the view.
  37. SEER
    by Birdstone
    Beast Beast
    Of blues and beast, chord and crow. Powerful trios and their prophecies sown. Sonic oracles, perched on the apogee. Versed in the mystic art of riffology.
  38. Warrior Queen
    by High n' Heavy
    Lydia Lydia
    The paradoxical powers of rock and roll have been known to grant flight to leaden zeppelins, iron cast butterflies and nuclear roosters. 2019 is not without heirs to the soaring throne and High n' Heavy are eminent in name, note and nature. With gravity-defying grooves and altitude-adjusted tunes, this Warrior Queen shoots for a maiden moon.
  39. there is light in the body, there is blood in the sun
    by Lux Interna
    wounded stag wounded stag
    A faultless feat of ambience, affection and orchestration, Lux Interna's masterwork invokes an elysian kingdom and its kin; enshrined in the eternal sepulture of song. An aural empire of ageless americana, steadfast folk and apocalyptic acoustics. Where rules the King of Winter, roams the wounded stag and reclaimed are the ghosts of Appalachia. Listeners adrift within the amplitudes have but two guides to follow; the light in the body and the blood in the sun.
  40. Vallmo
    by Besvärjelsen
    Öken Öken
    Sonic apothecaries Besvärjelsen cut 16 ounces of psych-suffused doom with a pound of Alazam mystique, dispensing eight concentrated measures of pure, Stockholm-sourced sorcery. The scales know what ails ya. The elixir will fix ya.
  41. CRYPT TRIP - Haze County
    Death After Life Death After Life
    After the sonic pulsations of 'Rootstock' forged fissures across the bedrock of the crypt, strange new stimuli wafted through the vaults, with the vintage aura of southern rock and the mellow wraiths of jam bands past finding favor among the living denizens within. Into a mist-laden landscape then emerged a timeless trio, mounting steel horses and wielding a revamped modus. Toward Haze County they rode. And blest were those who beheld them.
  42. Old Man's Will
    by Old Man's Will
    Judgement Day Judgement Day
    Legend has it that when the original flame of blues-infused hard rock began to dim during the latter half of the 1970's, an ember was salvaged and spirited away to the land of Sverige. There, in the caves of Umeå, it was nurtured by acolytes of the cult of the supreme riff until its virtue had been revived. Occam's razor notwithstanding, it's as likely a rationale as any for the dominion of modern Swedish hard rock and Old Man's Will are one of the brightest feats of that rekindled virtuosity.
  43. Melas
    by Lé Betre
    Snake Eyes Snake Eyes
    Ritual codex in hand, another worthy initiate is received into the burgeoning sonic cult of Moder Svea; the singlemost reliable source of outstanding hard rock this side of 1974.
  44. Woodlands
    by Barrett Elmore
    The Brook Horse The Brook Horse
    Harnessing the deceptively potent powers of pastoral psych and astral ambiance to their fullest potential, Barrett Elmore host an open-air carnival of kaleidoscopic chordage and varicolored vocals. A sonic spelltome in record form, enchantedly classic and lysergically laced.
  45. The Riven
    by The Riven
    Finnish Woods Finnish Woods
    The sonic stronghold of Stockholm has given rise to many the modern kindred of bygone classics; electric effigies cast from vintage ingots of blues and heavy rock. Enter: The Riven, who bear torches and blaze trails, setting retro flames to the morrow's tales. A sanguine ship on the crest of time, with the crew ablest and Captain Ekebergh sublime.