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  1. One Way Street
    by Mark Lanegan
    One Way Street One Way Street
    A songsmith of rare poignance and among the finest vocalists to ever undertake the craft, Mark Lanegan's principal solo ventures cut a pentad of haunted routes through the landscape of contemporary cult heroes. Converging now on 'One Way Street' and from the opening keys of 'Mockingbirds' to the closing dissonance of 'Fix', here prevails a collection possessing the poise and might to summon the dogs of hell, douse kingdoms in rain and set the stars and the moon back where they're supposed to be.
  2. Has God Seen My Shadow? An Anthology 1989-2011
    by Mark Lanegan
    Pendulum Pendulum
    It's scarcely beyond the realms of possibility that an emissary of such elegiac artistry as Mark Lanegan should successfully escape his own shadow and invoke divine witness to the event. A handpicked selection anthologizing the absinthian harvest between 'The Winding Sheet' and 'Bubblegum', including a corresponding set of previously unreleased material, 'Has God Seen My Shadow?' is an essential landmark along an imperative pilgrimage.
  3. Houston: Publishing Demos 2002
    by Mark Lanegan
    The Primitives The Primitives
    If the individual chapters of Mark's dark almanac follow a serial narrative, then 'Houston' bears the lost residual harvest of Field Songs' endeavor, reaped against a fading crimson dusk before those weird chills began to stretch like bubblegum and requiem was held for the blues. Left to gestate for 13 years, these vintage spirits and archival passages now settle among the most potent in the chronicles of Lanegan.
  4. Graveyard
    by Graveyard
    Satan's Finest Satan's Finest
    As accomplished as its vintage ascendants and one step removed from the peerless 'Hisingen Blues', the initiation of Göteborg's finest delivers nine sonic missives whose creative lineage consolidates the great houses of blues, hard rock and heavy psych with more than enough impetus to crack the pantheon.
  5. Clearing The Path To Ascend
    by YOB
    Unmask the Spectre Unmask the Spectre
    In the beginning was dogma, practiced for aeons as a form of catharsis. Then came the great cessation, a ball of molten lead burning the altar and effecting the silence of heaven. Quantum mystics battled mental tyrants across Samsara until both were adrift in the oceans of the kosmos. They breathed from the shallows, grasping air upon sight of the other shore. There, they prepared the ground before finally, the path was clear to ascend. And ascend they did, to the pinnacle of doom.
  6. No Offending Borders
    by Torgeir Waldemar
    Island Bliss Island Bliss
    Torgeir Waldemar may divide his days between the Devil and the Almighty Blues but nightfall summons the solitary oracle within and even mightier forces manifest as muses. Eager seekers need cast no further than 'Island Bliss' and 'Souls on a String' to behold the workings of deluxe inspiration.
  7. II
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
    Authentic to the last letter and the final note, The Devil and the Almighty Blues does exactly what it says on the timeworn, nicotine 'n' whiskey stained tin. For 'II' does indeed contain the mightiest blues to be found across any of the Devil's domains.
  8. Hiss Spun
    Vex Vex
    Having experimented with and mastered the individual disciplines of doom, folk and gothic rock, the alpha female vocalist of the dark sonic pack has duly achieved her sworn moment of singularity. 'Hiss Spun' bears the unmistakable pelt of a career masterwork, bayed from the crest of a bewitching ascendancy.
  9. Sex
    by King Dude
    I Wanna Die at 69 I Wanna Die at 69
    His Majesty, monarch of the morose plots a fifth set of infernal coordinates, spins an archaic compass and navigates the way to a post-punk prairie, resplendent in dark blossoms of neofolk and blues. Lust, passion and desire are summoned for company and make the acquaintance of habitual consorts macabre and melancholy for a broadcast of absolute bacchanalia.
  10. The Bone Of My Bones
    by Kimi Kärki
    My Name Is Free My Name Is Free
    The frore and hallowed ashes of Reverend Bizarre were proliferant in phoenixes given forth but Kimi Kärki's 12-string, acoustic folk chronicles aspire to a rare echelon and duly nail the ascent.
  11. The Art of Self Defense
    by High On Fire
    Blood from Zion Blood from Zion
    The quintessential stoner-doom archetype and virile progenitor to a legion of magnificent bastards, many of whom can be located amidst the alleys and backstreets of bandcamp's metal district.
  12. Grief's Infernal Flower
    by Windhand
    Two Urns Two Urns
    Assuredly, Windhand's magnum opus. 'Grief's Infernal Flower' defies any superlative descriptor one could muster in its honour, content in reformulating the existing parameters of heavy.
  13. Death Tunes
    by Tiebreaker
    The Deep The Deep
    Seldom has a record implicating repose been so affirmingly loaded with drive and vitality, but 'Death Tunes' is as masterful a distillation of 70's licks, 90's hooks and contemporary groove as there exists. Thomas E. Karlsen administers a rock 'n' roll coup de mâitre with the vocal authority of a blues-basted Charlemagne, ably abetted by a crack rhythmic unit who conjure at will all the soul, vigor and sleight required for phonic conquest.
  14. The Mules Of Nana
    by Orango
    Ghost Riders Ghost Riders
    There are blues rock divinations afoot in the Land of the Midnight Sun and 'The Mules of Nana' are prepped for an ascent upon the mountain of augury, saddle bags laden with kernels of finesse and extract of fervor.
  15. Old Man's Will
    by Old Man's Will
    Judgement Day Judgement Day
    Legend has it that when the original flame of blues-infused hard rock began to dim during the latter half of the 1970's, an ember was salvaged and spirited away to the land of Sverige. There, in the caves of Umeå, it was nurtured by acolytes of the cult of the supreme riff until its virtue had been revived. Occam's razor notwithstanding, it's as likely a rationale as any for the dominion of modern Swedish hard rock and Old Man's Will are one of the greatest feats of that rekindled virtuosity.
  16. III
    Wolf & Snake Wolf & Snake
    Evidently, this particular Asteroid has been orbiting a source of rich inspiration since last they graced terrestrial skies. Of the many admirable aspects that 'III' exhibits, the tone is outstanding. As is the track sequencing, the purpose of which seems to chronicle an escalation in the band's sonic mass, until the closing strains of 'Mr. Strange' herald an urgent reclassification to 'Planetoid'.
  17. Melas
    by Lé Betre
    Snake Eyes Snake Eyes
    Ritual codex in hand, another worthy initiate is received into the burgeoning sonic cult of Moder Svea; the singlemost reliable source of outstanding hard rock this side of 1974.
  18. SVVAMP
    by SVVAMP
    Blue In The Face Blue In The Face
    The Swedish hard rock family tree germinates a fresh shoot on the Jönköping branch and the legacy abides.
  19. Nocturnes
    by Mother Mooch
    Hive Mind Hive Mind
    Convening at the nexus of Dublin, Palm Desert and Seattle, Éire's finest exponents of rock's most enduring properties commit to firing on all cylinders, with the Daly/Ní Dhúada axis impellent and purring like a cherished vintage engine. Fine-tuned and road-tested, the vanguard of Irish heavy rock is in assured hands.
  20. One With The Universe
    by Samsara Blues Experiment
    Glorious Daze Glorious Daze
    Midnight blue fumes bled from every breach in the laboratory exterior, its doors and windows oscillating to the rhythms of the occupants' latest prismatic procedures. Yet again, the sonic scientists within had achieved an exemplary feat of alchemy; the singularity of vision and execution. Berlin's finest riff chemists betrayed no surprise at the accuracy of their heavy psychedelic hypothesis, only the conviction of seasoned masters.
  21. White Light from the Mouth of Infinity
    by SWANS
    Love Will Save You Love Will Save You
    Brutally sincere, savagely righteous and cruelly beautiful, Swans' crowning achievement rides a maelstrom of wistful devotions while coalescing into an abiding testament to life, love and the infinite darkness.
  22. Take The Curse
    by Ramesses
    Baptism of the Walking Dead Baptism of the Walking Dead
    There are molds and toxins defiling the ancient walls of as yet, and perhaps never to be discovered tombs that can only aspire to deliver the ravaging potency of Ramesses' malevolent masterwork.
  23. Clawing Into Black Sun
    In Reverence In Reverence
    There's ne'er a superfluous nanosecond to be found on Wolvhammer's gloriously wicked blackened sludge manifesto. Demonic incursion strategies salvaged from the gravitational collapse of the morning star.
  24. The Light
    Aryd Aryd
    A siren's call from the midst of the pyre beckons those already bound to the cimmerian haze to cede all vestiges of resistance and give themselves over to the glorious requiem of Fvnerals inaugural salvo.
  25. Wounds
    Crown Crown
    Like a primordial black hole circulating dark matter, Fvnerals heart beats opaque and pervasive, subsisting a lone, ethereal raven within its fathomless void. Rarely has heaviness risen so gracefully.
  26. The Witching Hour
    by Doctor Smoke
    This Final Hour This Final Hour
    One of 2014's premium elixirs is a concentrated 9 oz dose of curative heavy rock, concocted by four master apothecaries of the riff and administered transdermally via the ear canals by the good Doctor Smoke, M.D. Your appointment is scheduled for the witching hour.
  27. Wetlands
    Burnt Alive Burnt Alive
    The path of the biased fan is beset on all sides by the melodies of the devilish and the litanies of a demon pen. Deftest are they who, in the name of rarities and riffs that kill, shepherd seekers through alleys and markets, for they are truly fuzz dealers and the grinders of boss compositions. And they will psych down upon thee, with great sonance and glorious guitar; the sound of Deutschen stoner rock culture. And you will know their name is Dune Pilot when they slay zehn resonances for thee!
  28. Iron Void
    by Iron Void
    The Mad Monk The Mad Monk
    Consummately executed traditional doom metal from faithful acolytes turned contemporary masters.
  29. Of Things Seen & Unseen
    by Serpent Venom
    The Penance You Pay The Penance You Pay
    From the foremost fount of ophidian doom beyond the sphere of a black mamba, is delivered eight full-bodied strikes of prodigious riffage and luring incantation. An obsidian jewel adorning 2014's metal crown.
  30. Primitive And Deadly
    by Earth
    There Is A Serpent Coming There Is A Serpent Coming
    There is one man for whom any instrumental act would do well to forsake their vocal-less habitude and his name is Mark Lanegan. Meanwhile, Dylan Carlson's charming of the serpentine riff remains as deft and enthralling as ever.
  31. One Foot in the Flesh Grave
    by Wailin Storms
    Lost Lost
    One foot in the flesh grave and two hands on the reins, as the powerhouse steeds of blues and post-punk draw Wailin Storms' crepuscular carriage on a hellride through a godforsaken tableau of hollow-boned diablos and perilous seductions.
  32. Red Sun Cult
    by Red Sun Cult
    Below My Grave Below My Grave
    Psychedelic blues rock of optimum consistency, sunbaked and windswept as the sagest desert pilgrim.
  33. Skadi
    Earthen Shroud Earthen Shroud
    The Flight of Sleipnir can perpetually be relied upon for two traditional qualities: sublime artwork and swathes of the most regally terrific doom in the metal dominion. 'Skadi' is a timely reminder of those uncommon virtues.
  34. S/T (The Socks)
    by The Socks
    Some Kind Of Sorcery Some Kind Of Sorcery
    Gallic adepts The Socks bolster their 70's suffused hard rock métier with an emphatic double-axe modus. The dual-play extends to compositional titles with 'Some Kind of Sorcery' and 'New Kings' implicating the record's production methods and band personnel, respectively.
  35. Lowlands
    by The Flying Eyes
    Under Iron Feet Under Iron Feet
    The rich promise of Baltimore's finest airborne apertures comes triumphantly to fruition as they bring their melting pot of psych, blues and hard rock to a fervent boil across ten manoeuvres that bear witness to a band assuredly buzzing the zenith.
  36. Pagan Fruit
    by Dwellers
    Totem Crawler Totem Crawler
    Dwellers' sophomore harvest has yielded nothing less than the late evening equivalent of 2012's superlative 'Good Morning Harakiri'. Premium riffs are sown in lush grooves and fertilized with engaging wordplay, leaving consumers to reap the most gratifying of heavy rock produce.
  37. Emanations
    by Serpentine Path
    House of Worship House of Worship
    Connoisseurs of doom's weightiest, most disquieting offerings prospered uttermost when a crack beneath the wall of Abaddon's condemned quarter facilitated the escape of 'Emanations'; a suitably crushing revenant of the departed Ramesses and Unearthly Trance.
  38. II: For Mankind
    by Haast's Eagled
    Pyaaz Bhonghi Pyaaz Bhonghi
    The virtuosic doom stylings of Welsh heavy merchants Haast's Eagled achieves magnitudes that suggest imminent reassessment of Charles Richter's signature scale.
    by Worshipper
    Wolf Song Wolf Song
    A work of unremitting quality, 'Shadow Hymns' is the variety of record that provides firm affirmation of time spent in pursuit of subterrestrial hard rock treasures. The acolytes have ascended to providence, it is the listener who must now assume the mantle of worship.
  40. La Mancha Negra
    by La Mancha Negra
    Green Eyes Green Eyes
    Outstanding blues rock out of Sydney, Australia, aurally supplanting the indigenous sunkissed beaches for the moonlit swamplands of murkier climes.
  41. WEEP
    by The Great Sadness
    Blues rock par excellence; fervent and fevered. Crossroad shanties for those with sullied souls to sell.
  42. Endless Fire
    by Endless Fire
    Waste of Time Waste of Time
    Vintage rock venerations are given an incendiary blues catalyst and promptly ignited, inviting the kindred to gather around the fire and sate their yearnings in the warmth of the blaze.
  43. See The Enemy
    Priestess Priestess
    An überpotent concoction of blues, hard rock, heavy psych and doom, abetted by a caliginous vocal performance which is presumably respirating the dark vapors presented.
  44. Hunted
    by Khemmis
    Hunted Hunted
    Denver doom dealers Khemmis possessed considerable form in the shape of 2015's 'Absolution' before embarking on the eventide hunt and now return accordingly, battle-worn at dawn, dragging a five-kill haul of prime metal quarry. Traversing wild waters by candlelight, through interminable gates and beyond the great door in pursuit of their prize, Artemis herself would no doubt admire the execution.
  45. Fraught With Peril
    by Khemmis/Spirit Adrift
    Khemmis - A Conversation with Death Khemmis - A Conversation with Death
    Traditional death rumination given a metal overhaul, courtesy of heavy luminaries Khemmis. The result: possibly the most bedeviled and fated dirge ever committed to the annals of doom. Meanwhile, Spirit Adrift work the same alchemy on a seasoned tale of mortal woe, to equally potent effect.