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  1. Reclaimer
    by Shadow Of Intent
    The Heretic Prevails The Heretic Prevails
    This album is legit. Happened to be on my band camp on new releases and I saw this album come up. Didn't know the band and thought I'll listen to them. The heretic Previels was the very first song i heard by them and it blew me away. It sounds new and brutal and this is the type of band i'll put on repeat. Which i bought the album that day and have done nothing but listen to it on repeat.
  2. Starving Out the Light
    by Black Fast
    Progenitors of Predation Progenitors of Predation
  3. Within the Dead Horizon [PRE-PRODUCTION]
    by Inferi
    A friend told me about this band and that i would like them. Instantly was a fan after there first song i heard.
  4. Decomposer
    by polterguts
    Cee-lo Cee-lo
  5. Thousand Year Fire
    by The Gorge
    Thousand Year Fire Thousand Year Fire
  6. Funeral Winds
    by Wastewalker
    Hazmat Birth Hazmat Birth
  7. Messiah of Decay
    by Hemorrhaging Elysium
    Pelt of the Weak Pelt of the Weak
  8. Degrading Mortality
    by Hemorrhaging Elysium
    Filth Filth
  9. Omnipresent
    by Origin
    All Things Dead All Things Dead
  10. Under A Western Sun
    by Son of Aurelius
    Chorus of the Earth Chorus of the Earth
  11. Repelling A Solar Giant
    by Eternium
    Aura Noir - Repelling A Solar Giant Aura Noir - Repelling A Solar Giant