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  1. Twin Peaks, California
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  1. yellow bird
    by wished bone
  2. I wish my brother Rob was here
    by milo
    Sanguine Spin Cycles Sanguine Spin Cycles
  3. pseudio recordings
    by wished bone
    broken chill bone broken chill bone
  4. '76
    by Upset
  5. H.P.B
    by Witch Prophet
    Wish I Knew Wish I Knew
  6. haha and then what ;)
    by Jawbreaker Reunion
  7. UFO
    by Human Petting Zoo
  8. i tried to run away when i was 6 but got too scared to cross the street
    by i tried to run away when i was 6
    its so nice its so nice
  9. discography 2011 - 2013
    by Cerce
    Concussion Concussion
  10. Ontario Gothic
    by Foxes in Fiction
    Ontario Gothic Ontario Gothic
  11. Second Home
    by Dogbreth
  12. One Last Big Job
    by Ramshackle Glory
    Collapse, Fury, Redemption, Loss Collapse, Fury, Redemption, Loss
  13. Birthday
    by Easter.
  14. Cult of Personality / So Sad, So Sad
    by VARSITY
    So Sad, So Sad So Sad, So Sad
  15. shut in
    by pigeon pit
    freak me out freak me out
  16. diary // 2012-2014
    by In Love With A Ghost
  17. discography (2015)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  18. discography (2016)
    by In Love With A Ghost
  19. Azure
    by Candy
  20. if i got smaller grew wings and flew away for good
    by Bedbug
  21. Embarrassing Early Recordings
    by Crywank
  22. Don't Piss On Me, I'm Already Dead
    by Crywank
  23. Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid
    by Crywank
  24. Narcissist On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown
    by Crywank
  25. James is going to die soon
    by Crywank
  26. Shameless Valentines Money Grab
    by Crywank
  27. Tour Demos 2013
    by Crywank
  28. At the End of South Washington
    by Garrett Walters
    Early Sunday Rain Early Sunday Rain
  29. Co-Dependent's Day
    by The Everymen
  30. Nick Lower
    by The Everymen
  31. someday i might die alone & maybe i'll be born again but by that time i hope i find a home away from all my former friends (westsidepcolaacidparanoianightbluesslightreturn)
    by contron
    appears in 1 other collection
  32. yr made of bones & peeling skin (collection of later recordings)
    by contron
    a lil ugly a lil ugly
  33. Three Love Songs
    by Ricky Eat Acid
    There is only you in the light & nothing else There is only you in the light & nothing else
  34. Excalibur: Ruby Version
    by Stufy
    Please Pirate This Song Please Pirate This Song
  35. The D.I.Y.fecta
    by Chad Hates George, Chatterbox and the Latter Day Satanists, Stufy
    Kingpins and Pawns Kingpins and Pawns
  36. Kill Cops and Steal their Hats!
    by Chad hates George.
    I'm Irene I'm Irene
  37. convinced
    by Nice Try
    feels right feels right
  38. Nice Try
    by Nice Try
    patience patience
  39. Muck
    by CBMC
    just glad she loves me just glad she loves me
  40. the terrordactyls
    by the terrordactyls
    Swimming Swimming
  41. God Doesn't Want Us
  43. All Of My Friends
    In The Caribbean In The Caribbean
  45. I Saw U
    by Michael Cadiz