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  1. Donut Dodo Original Soundtrack
    by Sean "CosmicGem" Bialo
  2. Washed Out
    by Mayhem
  3. Forever In Your Heart
    by Black Dresses
  4. Slay the Spire (Original Soundtrack)
    by Clark Aboud
  5. Katana ZERO (Original Soundtrack)
    by Bill Kiley, LudoWic
  6. Tooth and Tail
    by Austin Wintory
  7. Awesomenauts - Ultimate edition
    by SonicPicnic
  8. Tower of Heaven (Original Soundtrack)
    by flashygoodness
    Stairway to Revelation Stairway to Revelation
  9. Bejeweled 3
    by Peter Hajba, Alexander Brandon
    Lightning (aka Blitz) Lightning (aka Blitz)
  10. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
  11. Super Meat Boy! Soundtrack
    by Danny Baranowsky
    It Ends RETRO (Ch 5 Warp Zone) It Ends RETRO (Ch 5 Warp Zone)
  12. Music Box Classics: Sonic the Hedgehog
    by Video Game Music Box
  13. Music Box Classics: UNDERTALE Vol. 3
    by Video Game Music Box
  14. Music Box Classics: Deltarune Vol. 2
    by Video Game Music Box
  15. pro.tect
    by syphus
  16. Mega Man 4 Remade
    by RushJet1
  17. Rikki & Vikki - FM Edition
    by RushJet1
  18. Mega Man Remade
    by RushJet1
  19. Stray Notes
    by RushJet1
  20. Various Remixes
    by RushJet1