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Tiffany Mobley

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  1. Diamonds
    by The Birthday Massacre
  2. Carmena Saturna Remix Contest
    by I:Scintilla
  3. Cult Of Fake
    by Angelspit
  4. The Product
    by Angelspit
    Hot Mess (Featuring George Bikos) Hot Mess (Featuring George Bikos)
    I love the rock/metal sound of this album.
  5. Kill Kitty (KMFDM Remix)
    by Angelspit
    The heavier music suits the gritty tone of the lyrics perfectly.
  6. Girl Poison (I:Scintilla Remix)
    by Angelspit
  7. Hideous and Perfect
    by Angelspit
  8. I Know (Halloween Mix)
    This could be considered creepy or romantic depending on how you feel about the person singing the song. If no one else answers my call (or even if they do) I'd LOVE to have Zoog come to my house lol.
  9. Blood Death Ivory
    by Angelspit
    Devilicious Devilicious
    This was my first intro to Angelspit. I got into Skinny Little Bitch first and the rest followed for hours. I think I brainwashed myself a little bit lol. I love the raunchy cannibalism in Devilicious. I always go back for that one no matter what =)
  10. Mobius Loop
    by Mankind Is Obsolete
  11. Dying & Falling
    by I:Scintilla
    Swimmers Can Drown Swimmers Can Drown
  12. Optics
    by I:Scintilla
    Cursive Eve Cursive Eve
  13. Live On JBTV
    by I:Scintilla
  14. Live On JBTV
    by I:Scintilla
  15. Opheliac
    by Emilie Autumn
    Liar Liar
    The gritty, angry violent side of Emilie really shines in this album with songs like Liar, I Want My Innocence Back, and I Know Where You Sleep. Love the rambling album outtakes. So cute and scary at the same time lol.
  16. Imagica
    by The Birthday Massacre
    Dead Dead
    It brings back some old favorites and harder to find b-sides and tracks that I might have otherwise missed. A very appreciated release. Can't wait to hear more from The Birthday Massacre.
  17. Speak For Yourself (Standard Version)
    by Imogen Heap
  18. Light Deceiver
    by kidneythieves
  19. The War To Win
    by I:Scintilla