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  1. Sphere
    by Monkey3
  2. One Drink Minimum
    by Shotgun Jazz Band
  3. Sgt.Sunshine I
    by sgt.sunshine.official
  4. Undercover
    by Monkey3
  5. Dead Roots Stirring (REMASTERED)
    by Elder
  6. The Best of Bang
    by Bang
    Keep On Keep On
  7. El Paso Vol.II (remastered)
    by Red Stoner Sun
    X-Tra Ice X-Tra Ice
  8. Slow Season
    by Slow Season
    Heavy Heavy
  9. He Dreams of Lions
    by The Heavy Eyes
  10. The Cloud Mirror
    by Third Person Lurkin
  11. The Nameless City
    by Third Person Lurkin
    Cyclopean pylons Cyclopean pylons
    This can be listened to at any time or situation but for best results, that moment in the day after the kids go down. Headphones or as loud as you can safely go on speakers. Need good bottom end support. Glass of your preferred relaxation juice. It walks a line between chill-out, zen-like concentration and the sensual. It just flows through the room. This album gives the fastest hit in this respect and his others are just as good but with varying amount of tension and quirk.
  12. The Lake of Woods
    by Third Person Lurkin
  13. The Strange Light District
    by Third Person Lurkin
    by Slow Season
    King City King City
  15. BandMaster Ruckus
    by BandMaster Ruckus
  16. Stop talkin' about the weather
    by Bigday Breaker
  17. Muttermaschine
    by Mother Engine
    Exoplanet Exoplanet
  18. Chapter 1
    by Enos
    Transform Transform
  19. Mindmaze Instrumentals
    by Jazz Spastiks
  20. Bunch Of Bisons
    by Stonehenge
  21. Folding Leaves
    by Message To Bears
  22. Departures
    by Message To Bears
  23. tribal derivations
    by Beats Antique
    Intertwine Intertwine
  24. Machine One
    by The Machine
    The Way I Feel The Way I Feel
  25. The Shadow People
    by Trellion & Figment
  26. Dark Eyes
    by Half Moon Run
    No More Losing the War No More Losing the War
  27. Dark Clouds
    by The Lone Crows
    Speechless Speechless
  28. The Lone Crows
    by The Lone Crows
  29. Long Distance Trip
    by Samsara Blues Experiment
    Double Freedom Double Freedom
    Some epic sounds, both in length and stature, Long Distance Trip is an amazing companion for exactly that. Still can't decide my favorite.. need to be able to select more than one!
    Edit: After long consideration.. Double Freedom has to get my vote.. awesome to the max, it leaves you spent. Amazing.
  30. 93 Still (Gummy Soul Instrumentals)
    by Souls of Mischief
    What a Way to Go Out What a Way to Go Out
    Buy it before Sony stamps on it! Great sounds to mellow out to for the moments when heavy guitar isn't right but beats are.
  31. Mystic Crow
    by Cheap Wine
    Stay Strange Express Stay Strange Express
    Bizzare, unfathomable lyrics, but the bluesy tunes are simply stunning.
  32. Snailface IV
    by Snailface
    Sex Dreams of the Siula Grande (The Many Breasts of Mama Allpa) Sex Dreams of the Siula Grande (The Many Breasts of Mama Allpa)
    Would have to admit, it was the album cover that drew me in (is that air freshener or fly-spray?!) But was very happy to hear a sound that was as serious as their sense of humor is wacky.
  33. Snailface
    by Snailface
    Skinwalker Skinwalker
    Possibly my favorite of the 3 albums, really liking skinwalker, warlord, lady reptillian lover.. you get the idea of what I like!
  34. Snailface II
    by Snailface
    The Almasty (Kelermes Mirror) The Almasty (Kelermes Mirror)
  35. Magic Dust
    by Crag Dweller
    True Believer True Believer
    An extremely well rounded and ballanced recording. Personally, I would have preffered a slightly less engineered product (I like a more hissy, raw sound) but that is just my preference, the actual music being what counts.
  36. Maera
    by The Heavy Eyes
    Levantado Levantado
    The same raw sound that drew me into their first offering draws me back - the second full album from The Heavy Eyes pulls no punches from the moment it starts. While not all the tracks are as in-your-face as Levantado (love the tension building start), it is an album that is more than worthy of your money; if you liked the first, you need this one too.
  37. Heavy Eyes
    by The Heavy Eyes
    Voytek Voytek
    If you like the Black Keys (but also like bass players) this is for you. A brash raw sound drew me in and keeps drawing me back for more.
  38. Get It Together
    by Sola Rosa
    Del Ray Del Ray
    Fantasic sound for the summer, late nights, or for grasping at warmer times as the cold nights draw in. Best served with one of what ever you are drinking.
  39. We Are Not An Island
    by Vib Gyor
    Rhombus Suit Rhombus Suit
    A great album from a band that has since moved on - a loss for us. More mainstream than other offerings in my collection, but that goes as testament to its quality. Also, check out thier new incarnation!
  40. Lost Songs
    by Vib Gyor
  41. Hands on - EP
    Hands on Hands on
    Simply the smoothest sound in ages. I want (need) to see Dr. Tooth and the Electric Mayhem do the video for Hands On.. I even have a storyboard ready...