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  1. Pallid Veil
    by Pallid Veil
  2. Holocene
    by The Ocean
  3. Piss
    by Methwitch
  4. Rudiments of Mutilation
    by Full of Hell
  5. Terrasite
    by Cattle Decapitation
  6. Absurd Romanticism
    by Coma Cluster Void
  7. Glass Casket
    by Glass Casket
  8. Centralia
    by Car Bomb
  9. w^w^^w^w
    by Car Bomb
  10. Odyssey to the West (2023 Remaster)
    by Slice The Cake
  11. As The Ashes Settle
    As the Ashes Settle As the Ashes Settle
    Germany's best brutal export, this is shaping up to be even better than The Approaching Darkness
  12. MMX (Remastered)
    by War From A Harlots Mouth
  13. Transmetropolitan (Remastered)
    by War From a Harlots Mouth
  14. Divine Recalibration
    by Sleepsculptor
  15. Shambhallic Vibrations
    by Lunar Chamber
    Departure in Solitude Departure in Solitude
    Talk about a Sophomore Slam. The added melody, variety and incredible singing, elevate this album so much above anything the band has done so far. Big props to Katie and Team here. What a barnburner. Definitely top 3 albums of 2023 so far, alongside BALTTW, and Carnosus
  17. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    Constant Sleep Constant Sleep
    If you want your brain to unravel, this is the one. While every Car Bomb record is gold, this is the most refined iteration. With some of their most melodic elements in Gratitude and The Oppressor, as well as heaviest in Sets and Black Blood. They also up the staccato riffing with Secrets Within and Constant Sleep. Pure Love. 10/10
  18. Visions of Infinihility
    by Carnosus
    Towards Infinihilistic Purity Towards Infinihilistic Purity
    Finding a balance for Tech Death between melody and atmosphere, sinister and beautiful, noodly and catchy is tough. Carnosus managed it, with a flourish. Best record of '23 so far.
  19. The Orb
    by GOROD
  20. Plasmic
    by Vampire Squid